Simply The Best: Our Top 5 Ads

By - CTL
July 18, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

Well, I’d love to say that we spent the week looking at great ads for you to see this week, but you know…Game of Thrones. Like the rest of the world, we were waiting with baited breath for the new season of swords and dragons. Some brands were even clever enough capitalise on the public’s excitement.

KFC – Lunchtime is coming

*SPOILER ALERT* Aw man….Poor Hodor….Not only was his entire life spent waiting for the moment when he literally held the door so Bran didn’t get torn apart by an army of the dead, but here he is, stuck in a weird vortex and peddling fried chicken to the masses. Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn has brought back the character for this clever little spot from KFC, that was released in the UK in the run up to this week’s Season 7 premiere.

Want some of this reflected cultural gold for your brand? Get watching GoT…There’s plenty of dead characters to choose from!


SodaStream – Who Are The Homoschlepiens

There he is again, the big fella! Gotta hand it to SodaStream, they know how to handle their GoT characters, as is evident in the 2016 campaign that utilised The Mountain and the ‘Shame! Shame!’ lady to spectacular effect.

This one isn’t quite so funny, but it goes uber-geek by also casting Mayim Bialik of The Big Bang Theory and Blossom fame alongside the BFG to tell the story of the ridiculous habits of Homoschlepiens, a newly discovered tribe who stupidly use plastic bottles for their bubbly stuff.


NZ Transport – Rat’s Tale

Everybody knows a rat like Rat. The silly goober loves nothing more than sinking a few tins of piss and kicking it up with his toothless mates, doing some sort of semi-dangerous activity and generally enjoying life to the full, the bloody legend.

Hopefully this spot might make the rats of the world think again before they get behind the wheel smashed.


ALDI – Good Different – Dave

Speaking of dead set legends, Dave here is bloody hilarious in his boundless enthusiasm for Aldi’s pie, as part of the supermarket’s ‘Good Different’ campaign. Aldi is really setting itself apart with these ads, that are both memorable and funny. Not an easy feat in advertising these days.


Apple – WWDC – Apocalypse

What’s with Apple making these great ads all the time? This one imagines what would happen if all apps suddenly disappeared. Chaos reigns, obviously. Apolocalypse. Who’s gonna like my latest vapid selfie if all apps are gone????

And finally….*spoiler alert*




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