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January 29, 2021
Coon cheese renamed Cheer Cheese after six-month search for new name

By Mike Canavan

Racial injustice is an odious and unacceptable thing. However, there are emerging nihilist, radical and dangerous movements that looks for offence in absolutely everything they can find — all to further their sinister social agenda.

His Honour Mr. Potter Stewart, the American Supreme Court Jurist wrote: “Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime”.

It’s interesting though to examine the motivations of the PC-censors. Freedom of speech and its expression is the mark of an open society, so what does it say about a people who would put limits on what can and cannot be said? Or indeed has it existed since time immemorial? Is the problem with the outrageous statement, or with the culture that cannot accept its presence in the first instance?

It’s true: Censorship and persecution go hand in glove. Silencing an idea is eventually viewed as an inefficient half-measure when the permanent solution is to destroy the voice spawning the ideas in the first place.

Sadly, this witless band of nihilist social reversionistic do-gooders seem to be gathering momentum day in day out. They, like a cancer if unchecked will go on to destroy the very body of civilisation as we know it today.

Terrified CEO’s and Marketing Directors alike are ducking for cover, seeking freedom from the tirade of faceless trolls that will set anonymously to social media — screaming and baying for their brand’s blood, demanding that distributors and retailers alike delist the offensive marque immediately. Should a defiant retailer ignore the ultimatums of the trolls, then the cowardly anonymous force will unleashed the full wroth of God upon them.

Who exactly are these woke bullies, who deign to tell us what we can read, watch, listen to or at the bare minimum, enjoy?

And why are we listening to the cacophony of hypocrisy when really our own souls and common sense can decide what is offensive and what is not.

The latest to come under the watchful scrutiny of the PC wokes, believe it or not, is the inoffensive brand ‘Coon Cheese’. The naysayers are accusing it of racism.

After more than eight decades on supermarket shelves, Coon Cheese will relaunch as ‘CHEER’ in July 2021. The cheddar was originally named after the American founder Edward William Coon.

Emanuele (Lino) Saputo, 2015 Concordia honorary doctorate - YouTube

Lino A. Saputo

Chair and CEO of Saputo Inc., the brand owner now, Lino A. Saputo said: “Treating people with respect and without discrimination is one of our basic principles and it’s imperative that we continue to uphold this in everything we do”.

Creative Director Cam Bruce reassured customers the recipe would go unchanged: “CHEER Cheese is the same recipe that millions have come to love, and will continue to grow up with, for generations to come. We remain committed to our Australian farmers who continue to produce the high-quality milk that goes into all of our products, including CHEER Cheese”.

“CHEER Cheese is a cheese for everyone, and we trust that our valued customers and those who are new to our product will embrace this new name.” The name has stirred controversy many times over recent years.

During last July’s Black Lives Matter protests, the company announced it would be rebranding. Six months of deliberations led to the name CHEER, with focus groups deciding the product was synonymous with happiness and joy.


It is not unfair to say that there is a band of professional agitators often funded by the best intentions of local and government grants, whose mission is to create anarchy by utilising every minority cause that they can discover. These rag-tag band of despots pray on the best intentions of the ill-informed.

The woke agitator who pushed for 21 years to have Coon cheese renamed, saying the label was racist, is disappointed Indigenous people weren’t consulted about the product’s new name, Cheer.

Anti-racism agitator Stephen Hagan said he was glad and relieved that the cheese’s manufacturer had announced that the name change will take effect in July, as he would no longer have to see the word “coon” – a derogatory term for a black person – every time he went to the supermarket.

Dr Stephen Hagan campaigned for decades for the Coon cheese brand,  which he considered racist, to be changed.

Stephen Hagan.

Dr Hagan is not sure what the new name, Cheer, stands for. “I would have liked it to be something a bit more inclusive of First Nations people,” he said. “We weren’t even consulted on names. We would like to have contributed.” What a cheek.

It would seem that his true motives have now become clear, he is a woke agitator whose only motivation is a pay-cheque from a spurious lawsuit. Hagan is pursuing legal damages of $2.1 million for what he says has been 21 years of corporations undermining his claims that the cheese brand was not named after American cheesemaker Edward William Coon. Hagan argues that Coon cheese instead started in Australia with Kraft’s Red Coon cheese in 1931, which used a different manufacturing method to Mr Coon’s. Mr Coon patented a fast ripening process using high temperature and humidity that didn’t kill all bacteria. Kraft’s pasteurisation process killed all bacteria and lasted much longer in storage.

Australian cheese company changes its racially offensive brand name

New packets of Cheer cheese, formerly Coon SAPUTO DAIRY AUSTRALIA

Dr Hagan believes Coon was instead named after the racial slur. He didn’t say what advantage that this alleged racial slur would give the brand.

In the early 1990s, he wrote to Dairy Farmers Pty LTD outlining his concerns, “and they wouldn’t even respond”. In 1999, he complained to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, who dismissed it.

There is no doubt that Hagan is a professional woke agitator.

In 1999, Hagan visited the Clive Berghofer Stadium in Toowoomba, Queensland, and noticed a large sign declaring the name of the E. S. “Nigger” Brown Stand, which had been named after the 1920s rugby league player Edward Stanley Brown – also known as “Nigger” Brown, in response to his pale skin and blond hair. This prompted a long campaign to have the stand renamed to remove the offending nickname.

Hagan unsuccessfully pursued the case before the High Court and the Federal Court of Australia, both of which rejected his claim.

In 2003 Hagan v Australia was heard before the United Nations’ Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD). Hagan, the complainant, claimed that the naming of the stand was discriminatory against him. The ‘politically correct’ committee recommended that Australia “take the necessary measures to secure the removal of the offending term from the sign”.

In 2008, the stand was demolished, and the issue was resolved.

In late 2016 Hagan caused controversy when he labelled Toowoomba “the most racist city in Australia” after a display of nine golliwog dolls were placed by a Terry White Chemist shop, underneath a sign inviting shoppers to “Experience a White Christmas”. Frightened of reprisals, the store’s manager apologised and said they would not stock the dolls in the future.

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He is now lobbying to have three racist terms deleted from Scrabble’s vocabulary: abo, coon and boong. “If you normalise those words, you’re really normalising bigotry,” he said.

The self-indulgent ‘cancel culture brigade’ he represents threatens to destroy our arts, our history, and eventually our culture based on a discredited hypocrisy of leftist revisionism dressed up as anti-racist doctrine, all in an effort to shame decent people into believing that their cause is just and pure.

They endeavour to curb the freedom of speech and beliefs we hold dear, as these are the basis of a safe, civilised, democratic society.

If ever there was a test of cultural fortitude, then its at our doorstep now. Politicians of all factions, at every level of government, must step up to the breach now. They must show leadership to put a stop to this maniacal revisionist anarchy that is taking hold and polluting the minds of the most vulnerable in our community — our children, and it should start in our schools right now.

I kid you not, this is a very fight for life and death of our community as we know it today.

To our political masters, I offer only one plea — do not desert or be distracted from the most fundamental of your obligations as our nation’s leaders. Protection of our borders is indeed vital, but more importantly is the protection of our young. This is your most sacred duty.

We can only hope and pray that you are up to the task, for those that oppose you will not rest until their evil endeavours overwhelm us all.



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