2021 — The Continued March Toward Marxism

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January 14, 2021

By Mike Canavan

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, most people regarded Marxism as an enemy that had been defeated once and for all. Sadly however, they were wrong. A mere 31 years later, Marxism is not only back but it is making an astonishingly successful bid to seize control of our most important media companies, universities and schools, major corporations, philanthropic organisations, and even our courts. Dangerously, it has also have moved into our government bureaucracies, and some churches.

The march toward Marxism comes in many forms.

The belt and road initiative — the Chinese government’s estimated $1.5 trillion dollar foreign and economic policy, announced in 2013, is to establish maritime trade routes across the globe and invest in infrastructure projects in dozens of countries. The projects include pipelines, ports, railways and other major infrastructure projects, and is a prime example of their larcenous practices to, by stealth, spread their own form of Marxist ideology.

Last year, Chinese media reported 170 memoranda of understanding had been signed with 125 countries.


Sadly, Australia has fallen prey to their sinister macerations. In 2018, premier Daniel Andrews signed a memorandum of understanding with China’s national development and reform commission to work together on belt and road initiatives.

“With the biggest infrastructure program in our state’s history under way, we have the design and delivery skills China is looking for, meaning more jobs and more trade and investment for Victorians,” he said.

“In four years, we have more than tripled Victoria’s share of Chinese investment in Australia and nearly doubled our exports to China. We said we’d reboot our relationship with China and we’re getting it done.”

Surely it can’t be lost on anyone concerned with the march towards political correctness and the cancel culture, that the police in Victoria failed to make a single arrest when 10,000 people marched in a Black Lives Matter rally (an illegal protest in early 2020 throughout the locked down streets of Melbourne). However, the police did manage to make 400 arrests at a much smaller protest against ongoing health restrictions in this same city. In a revealing 2015 interview with BLM leaders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal TometiIn, Cullors said “Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organisers. We are trained Marxists.”

Universities across Australia have succumbed to this toxic doctrine. Institutions that once celebrated achievement, critical thinking and diversity of views are mired in ‘groupthink’ and the promotion of a far-Left ideology — particularly in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Our universities are the last refuge of the Marxist.

Our universities have become a refuge of the Marxist doctrine. Promoted by people like Victoria University’s visiting politics lecturer Max Lane, who is on the executive council of the Revolutionary Socialist Party and is now with the Socialist Alternative. Through their manifesto, they urge “the smashing of the capitalist state apparatus”, including the dismantling of “parliaments, courts, the armed forces and police”. Their followers “reject Australian patriotism” and “oppose all immigration controls”. Lane sent a letter to the Jakarta Post to warn its Indonesian readers that ‘our immigration minister is actually a pirate who kills innocent people’.

In 2014 Melbourne University hosted a Marxist gabfest, organised by the Socialist Alliance. Twelve academics turned out to speak and promote their totalitarian ideology. The speakers included Professor Jane Kenway, of Monash University’s education faculty (who ‘teaches tomorrow’s teachers); the socialist Rick Kuhn, a politics reader at the Australian National University (socialist activist); Tom Bramble, a senior lecturer in industrial relations at the University of Queensland; Diane Fieldes, a teacher in industrial relations at the University of NSW; Lisa Milner, a filmmaker teaching media students at Southern Cross University; and Aboriginal radical, Gary Foley of Victoria University. If you have a child who is contemplating higher education, then you should be aware of what is happening on our university campuses. The growth of junk degrees and the devaluation of university education has coincided with the rise of this cultural hijacking.

The term “cultural Marxism” moved into the media mainstream; around 2016, when psychologist Jordan Peterson was protesting a Canadian bill prohibiting discrimination based on gender. Peterson blamed cultural Marxism for phenomena like the movement to respect gender-neutral pronouns which, in his view, undermines freedom of speech.

The first incantations of this movement stem from the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci. Writing under imprisonment by the fascists in the 1920s, Gramsci argued the left needed to capture the bureaucracy, universities and media-cultural institutions if it wished to hold power.

Colourful array of notebooks.A collection of notebooks in which Antonio Gramsci developed his ideas while in prison. 

The second phase stems from “Neo-Marxist” theorists associated with the Frankurt School of Social Research. These “critical theorists” drew on psychoanalysis, social theory, aesthetics, and political economy to understand modern societies. After its closure in Germany in 1933, the institute was moved to the United States where it found hospitality at Columbia University in New York City.

The academic influence of this critical method is far reaching. Some of the key issues and philosophical preoccupations of the School involve the critique of modernity and capitalist society, the definition of social emancipation, as well as the detection of the pathologies of society. ‘Critical Theory’ provides a specific interpretation of Marxist philosophy with regards to some of its central economic and political notions like commodification, reification and critique of mass culture. It has had a pervasive and significant effect over these many years.

Indoctrination starts at primary and secondary school level where, under the guise of ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’; a Left-wing narrative that is neither inclusive nor diverse is relentlessly pushed.

When parents see these weasel words, they should examine closely what is being promoted.

Why Observe Children at Play?

The Australian state of Victoria is without question the worst. Australia’s first national curriculum for early childhood education and care, the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework), and Victoria’s state curriculum, was introduced in 2012. Educators in Victoria use both curriculums to guide their teaching of children aged 0-5 years in long day care, kindergarten and family day care settings.

Both curriculums focus on brainwashing children in something of a potty delusional need to develop a sense of individual identity, therefore they mostly ignore gender identities. The idea of gender stability is a ciscentric understanding of gender, which categorises transgender and gender-diverse children as “developmentally confused” rather than respecting their preferred gender identities.

This rubbish is focused on 0-5 year old children. They (the PC brigade) further went on to publish an even more fatuitous document called “Growing Up Queer” which states that children should learn about gender diversity and equity as early as possible.

Most concerningly, our public media has been hijacked by the left-wing PC brigade. Recent episodes of Insight on the publicly funded SBS and Australian Story on the also publicly funded ABC explored how the lack of knowledge around gender identity can contribute to transgender people being unable to imagine a future for themselves. To include gender identity in the state and national curriculums would, according to them, help educators support transgender and gender-diverse children and hopefully minimise the alarmingly common rates of not fitting in. Naturally most children of such a young age have never considered this collective nonsense, indeed focusing on the weighty issues such as of what will Santa bring them next Christmas.

It might be of some use at this time to alert you to the fact that as of the last census in 2016, of the 23,401,890 people in Australia — only 10,040 identified being other than male or female. That’s only .0000420%.

By the time students enter university, they have been well conditioned to swallow increasingly radical notions such as the doctrine that Western civilisation — the greatest global force for equality, freedom, enlightenment and opportunity — is hopelessly mired in racism, sexism and bigotry.

Emotions are allowed to trump facts; history is redefined, and in many cases where the facts are not convenient, redrafted. Students are encouraged to see the world through a simplistic prism of the oppressors and the oppressed.

We don’t know what will happen for certain. But based on the experience of recent years, we can venture a pretty good guess. Institutional liberalism lacks the resources to contend with this threat. Liberalism is being expelled from its former strongholds, and the hegemony of liberal ideas as we have known them since the 1960s, will end. Anti-Marxist liberals are about to find themselves in much the same situation that has characterised conservatives, nationalists, and Christians for some time now — in opposition.

This means that some brave liberals will soon be waging war on the very institutions they so recently controlled. They will try to build up alternative educational and media platforms in the shadow of the prestigious, wealthy, and powerful institutions they have lost. Meanwhile, others will continue to work in the mainstream media, universities, tech companies, philanthropies, and government bureaucracy, learning to keep their liberalism to themselves and to let their colleagues believe that they too are Marxists — just as many conservatives learned long ago how to keep their conservatism to themselves letting their colleagues believe they’re liberals.

This is the new reality that is emerging. There is blood in the water and the new Marxists will not rest content with their recent victories. No free nation will be spared throughout this trial. So, let us not avert our eyes and tell ourselves that this curse isn’t coming for us. Because it is coming for us all.

Riots erupt in several US cities over Minnesota police killing of unarmed  black man

Anti-Marxist liberals have laboured under numerous disadvantages in the recent struggles to maintain control of liberal organisations. One is that they are often not confident they can use the term “Marxist” in good faith to describe those seeking to overthrow them. This is because their tormentors do not follow the precedent of the Communist Party, the Nazis, and various other political movements that branded themselves using a particular party name, issuing an explicit manifesto to define it. Instead, they disorient their opponents by referring to their own beliefs with a shifting vocabulary of terms, including “The Left” “Progressivism” “Social Justice” “Anti-Racism” “Anti-Fascism” “Black Lives Matter” “Critical Race Theory” “Identity Politics” “Political Correctness” “Wokeness” and more. When liberals try to use these terms, they often find themselves deplored for not using them correctly, and this itself becomes a weapon in the hands of those who wish to humiliate and ultimately destroy them.

The best way to escape this trap is to recognise the movement presently seeking to overthrow liberalism for what it is: an updated version of Marxism. I do not say this to disparage anyone. I say this because it is true. And because recognising this truth will help us understand what we are facing.

Nevertheless, their politics are based on Marx’s framework for critiquing liberalism (what Marx calls the “ideology of the bourgeoisie”) and overthrowing it.

Their quest is control at any price. They are the un-silent minority. They represent their own ends, not ours.

Speak up now and say we’ve had enough. Remember what Edmund Burke once wrote: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing


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