Our Free Speech Is Being Sacrificed On The Altar Of The ‘PC Offence Culture’

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June 24, 2020
Our Free Speech Is Being Sacrificed On The Altar Of The ‘PC Offence Culture’

By Mike Canavan

The new alter of political correctness has moved from mainstream media and university campuses to the anonymity of social media. Anonymous, politically correct trolls and social bullies terrorise corporations that they perceive are at odds to their own wokish obsessions through internet blogs and twitter rants.

Racial injustice is an odious and unacceptable thing, however there are emerging nihilist radical and dangerous movements that looks for offence in absolutely everything they can find — all to further their sinister social agenda.

His Honour Mr. Potter Stewart, the American Supreme Court Jurist wrote: “Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.”

It’s interesting though to examine the motivations of the PC-censors. Freedom of speech and its expression is the mark of an open society, so what does it say about a people who would put limits on what can and cannot be said? Or indeed has it existed since time immemorial. Is the problem with the outrageous statement, or with the culture that cannot accept its presence in the first instance?

I think Golda Meir said it best when she said: “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.”

It’s true: Censorship and persecution go hand in glove. Silencing an idea is eventually viewed as an inefficient half-measure when the permanent solution is to destroy the voice spawning the ideas in the first place.

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The latest to come under the watchful scrutiny of the PC wokes, believe it or not, is the inoffensive Kellogg’s Coco Pops brand. The naysayers are accusing them (Kellogg’s) of racism.

They bleat idiotic questions such as: why is the chocolate flavoured breakfast cereal promoted with a monkey; while its white coloured stablemate Rice Bubbles has three fair-skinned characters splashed on its box?

Coco Pops and Rice Bubbles have the same composition (except for the fact CPs are brown and chocolate flavoured).

A Kellogg’s spokesman rushed out to answer this idiotic accusation by saying: “The monkey mascot that appears on both white and milk chocolate Coco Pops, was created in the 1980s to highlight the playful personality of the brand. As part of our ambition to bring fun to the breakfast table, we have a range of characters that we show on our cereal boxes, including tigers, giraffes, crocodiles, elves and a narwhal”.

“We do not tolerate discrimination and believe that people of all races, genders, backgrounds, sexual orientation, religions, capabilities and beliefs should be treated with the utmost dignity and respect.”

Well that should cover pretty much everyone and everything you can think of. The only thing missing was a statement against animal cruelty and exploitation. “No creature was injured in the filming and promotion of this product”.

I ask you; will a breakfast cereal bring about the end of civilisation as we know it today?


Sadly this witless band of nihilist social reversionistic do-gooders seems to be gathering momentum day in day out — they, like a cancer if unchecked will go on to destroy the very body of civilization as we know it today.

Terrified CEOs and Marketing Directors alike are ducking for cover for freedom from the tirade of faceless trolls that will set anonymously to social media, screaming and baying for their brands blood, demanding that distributors and retailers alike delist the offensive marque immediately. Should a defiant retailer ignore the ultimatums of the faceless trolls, then the cowardly anonymous force will unleashed the full wroth of God upon them.

Who exactly are these woke bullies, who deign to tell us what we can read, watch, listen to or at the bare minimum, enjoy?

And why are listening to the cacophony of hypocrisy when really our own souls and common sense can decide what is offensive and what is not.

It is not unfair to say that there is a band of professional agitators often funded by the best intentions of local and government grants, whose mission is to create anarchy by utilising every minority cause, they can discover. These rag tag band of despots pray on the best intentions of the ill-informed. In an address to the New South Wales Legislative Council ‘The Hon. Natasha Maclaren-Jones’ BN, MHSM MLC. Detailed in her speech Adjournment-Thursday, 18th June 2020 with regards to ‘The permanently outraged professional activist’. She raised concerns that our State Government was unwittingly supporting such groups. Ms. Maclaren- Jones said:

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Ms. Maclaren- Jones

“Mr President, we have a proud history is this country and our communities are rightly full of plagues, monuments and statues acknowledging the significant contribution our people have made.

What we must also remember is that so many Australians lost their lives fighting in wars and conflicts to ensure that we remained a free nation, with a free voice and freedom of association. 

The same freedoms that allow these permanently outraged professional activists to protest, march and push their minority view. 

It is unconscionable for a country like Australia to allow agencies inside of government to be turned into a weapon.

To be used to silence its citizens, with the ultimate aim to discourage and stifle free thought, opinion and speech – just because it is not consistent with the permanently outraged person’s point of view”.

She went on: “Established to protect all Australians against real discrimination, and frankly there is no place for discrimination in a civilised society.

However, what we have seen in recent years, is the permanently outraged professional activist riding roughshod over the majority by using our own agencies under the guise of discrimination”.

Her full speech can be read here: https://www.natashamaclarenjones.com/speeches-0

Freedom of speech has always been a staple of our liberal and democratic society. We have, over the years, accepted some curbs on our right to say absolutely anything for the greater good. It is widely agreed, for example, that we are better off for having safeguards against the victimisation of individuals and the incitement of violence against them.

But we have always drawn a clear distinction between people and ideas. The former have a right to protection. The latter have no rights to an avoidance of criticism.

Instead, we have accepted that even abhorrent ideas like Holocaust denial should not be criminalised. In so doing, we have acknowledged that there is no right to not be offended within our society. As long as the criticism is about ideas rather than people, we have agreed that one person’s expression of an idea may offend another who disputes it.

Voltaire wrote: “I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It”. Perhaps it’s time we took his advice.

But this red line has been thinning rapidly in recent years.

But why is it so?

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Much of it can be sheeted back to the present generation. The millennials and the sinister manipulation of them by evil forces who have their own sociopathic agendas. In so many ways they are Gen X (Gen X: was born between 1960 – 1979 and are currently between 41-55 years old) on steroids. They (millennials) work mostly at a fevered pace with extremely short-term focus. They are not necessarily as in past generations looking for stability, career progression, or promises for a distant future. They want to know, “what is in it for me?” right now!

Millennials without question embrace change, as theirs is a world where constant change is occurring at breakneck speed. They seek to reinvent things constantly. And because of that, they’ll continue to be more difficult to recruit, retain, motivate, and manage — more than any other generation of the past. It is of course these very qualities that make them especially vulnerable to revisionists thorium and its manipulation. If you doubt what I say, have a look at your mobile phone device. Every month or two, there is a completely ‘new’ upgrade to the system that your device runs on — each promising to be bigger and better than the last. Each promising to have ironed the flaws in the past up-date.

Every six months, manufacturers launch new products onto an already over cluttered market place with the promise of greater conductivity and peer in envy. “ Hay dude; you got the latest iPhone 11”, to answer no is to put you behind the rest.

The key to understanding millennials is appreciating that technology has formed their world. It makes them feel connected and powerful. The mass of information at their fingertips doesn’t intimidate them for a moment; they feel they’re experts in everything and, if not, they’re confident they can tap into their digital resources to become one pretty much immediately. Because of their age they have few life experiences to draw from, thereby giving them no frame of reference to consider.

But why are they so confident?

Because they grew up in the “Decade of the Child” are the most over-supervised generation yet. Socially mollycoddled in the extreme. ‘Everyone is a winner’ — there are no losers. So why is it implausible to believe that they wish to cast history in their own ‘new’ myopic view.

However, the most important question to ask is how has this has been allowed to happen?

In the absence of a proper definition of what constitutes “hostility or prejudice”, we are engaging in a race to the bottom where the views of the most vocal offended individual in any particular incident count the most — indeed, they are the only views that appear to count at all.

This is an extremely dangerous situation to be in, because activists are not the only people attempting to shut down discussion of ideas in contemporary communities.

This madness in allowing for amorphous “victim-led” definitions must cease. It is perfectly possible to codify hate incidents to protect individuals, without according similar protection to the ideas that may animate them.

It must not be for the PC- police to determine the limits of free speech — but our politicians, who now need to act. Their failure to do so thus far risks eroding the very basis of Australian society that the institution of parliament was elected to uphold.

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The revisionist nonsense that is espoused by this lunatic fringe is exactly the footnote adopted by evil totalitarian regimes including the Nazi party, Chairman Mao’s Communist revolution, ISIS, and the Taliban.

It is the same self-centred myopic fundamentalist ideology of revisionism that seeks to remove the police, freedom of speech and law and order. Unless of course it kowtowers to their own idiosyncratic ideology.

It is impossible to watch on, the ever-increasing billowing, belligerent and ignorant attack on society as we know it without feeling a welling of anger and concern. Not specifically for me, for I am of an age that it matters little what they say and do, I do not let them affect me. It is for my nieces and the generations to come and how the world as they grow up will be affected by it.

The self-indulgent ‘cancel culture brigade’ threatened to destroy our arts, our history, and eventually our culture based on a discredited hypocrisy of leftist revisionism dressed up as anti- racists doctrine all in an effort to shame decent people into believing that their cause is just and pure.

They endeavour to curb the freedom of speech and beliefs we hold dear that are the basis of a safe, civilised, democratic society.

If ever there was a test of political fortitude than it is at our doorstep now. Politicians of all factions, at every level of government, must step up to the breach now. They must show leadership to put a stop to this maniacal revisionist anarchy from taking hold and polluting the minds of the most vulnerable in our community — our children, and it should start in our schools right now.

I kid you not, this is a very fight for life and death of our community as we know it today.

To our political masters I offer only one plea — do not desert or be distracted from the most fundamental of your obligations as our nation’s leaders. Protection of our borders is indeed vital, but more importantly is the protection of our young. This is your most sacred duty.

We can only hope and pray that you are up to the task, for those that oppose you will not rest until their evil endeavours overwhelm us all.


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