Coronavirus Sparks Huge Jump In Social Media Use, Study Finds.

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March 25, 2020
Coronavirus sparks huge jump in social media use, study finds

By Oliver McAteer

Influencer agency Obviously is mobilising it’s community to share WHO information.

Coronavirus means isolation. And isolation means social media.

It’s official: The COVID-19 outbreak is making us spend more time on all those platforms we’re already addicted to, according to a study from Obviously.

The influencer agency, which analysed 260 of their own campaigns including more than 7.5 million Instagram posts and data from 2,152 TikTok influencers, found a 76 percent increase in daily accumulated likes on Instagram #ad posts over the last two weeks.

Research unearthed a 22 percent increase in Instagram campaign impressions from Q4 2019 to Q1 2020 and a 27 percent jump in engagement on average on TikTok from February to March.

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With the rapid spread of coronavirus worldwide, and given the data showing increased online engagement, the agency is launching a new community initiative called #ObviouslyGood.

Mae Karwowski, founder and CEO of Obviously, said: “Community is more important than ever, and social media is a powerful tool in building and maintaining our connections. It’s really important to us in these times that we help combat misinformation on social media.

“We wanted to give our influencers new tools to positively engage with their audiences and make sure they’re being responsible and factual at the same time. #ObviouslyGood is a new way for influencers of all sizes to help make their communities stronger with factual and timely information from trusted sources.”

The charitable program will start with 110 leading Obviously influencers in the U.S. The influencers, who have a combined reach of more than four million, will be sharing factual graphics and a link to the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 website.

The #ObviouslyGood dashboard will roll out to the agency’s 60,000+ influencer network over the next several weeks and will expand to include other causes.


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