Sophie’s choice: a considered decision, but why?

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February 5, 2020

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In a recent article Andrew Hornery, a senior journalist and Private Sydney columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald, spilt the beans on one of the hottest gossip items so far in 2020 in the world of Australian Talent Management.

In a cleverly titled article “Sophie’s choice means former friends go to war” he reported on the spat between Sean Anderson and Titus Day.

It would seem that 2020 is heading down the wretched path that 2019 ended in for Day.

One has to go back to the celebrated stoush in Bondi, where two close mates duked it out in front of shocked onlookers.

“The genteel streets of Hunters Hill were the scene for one almighty showdown last weekend as two of Sydney’s leading agents – Titus Day and Sean Anderson – went head to head over the spoils of celebrity Sophie Monk”.

“We had been friends for 20 years, I went around to his [Sean Anderson’s] home to sort it out on Saturday and look him in the eye … let’s just say we are not friends anymore, it was a pretty tense visit,” Titus Day, who had been managing Monk’s career on and off for a decade, told PS.

Sean Anderson

Home call: Sean Anderson had an unexpected call at his Hunters Hill home.

In December, Monk’s lawyers sent her management firm Media Talent Management, owned by Day’s wife Courtney, a notice of termination. Day says he was completely “blind-sided” by the news that his former close friend and ally, Anderson, had signed Monk up as a client.

“Sean and I worked together for five years, we were incredibly close. Even after I left him to set up on my own, I would call him up about clients that wanted to come with me, to give him notice as a courtesy … I had no warning this was coming.”

Titus Guy

Singer Guy Sebastian and his former manager Titus Day (left) promoting Solar D sunscreen, now the subject of a Federal Court dispute between the pair. CREDIT:ANTHONY JOHNSON

Anderson confirmed Day’s visit to his family home, which is understood to have caused considerable anxiety given it was unannounced and had followed heated exchanges between the two over Monk.

Anderson told PS Monk had approached him to represent her in mid-January, and that his new client had no existing contract with Day when he took her on.

Agents such as Anderson and Day charge their celebrity clients up to 20 per cent of all earnings, they help generate for them. The bigger the star, the greater the revenue.

Last July, PS revealed Day’s foundation client, Guy Sebastian, was digging in his heels over claims his former manager owed him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sophie Logies

Sophie Monk at the 2019 Logie Awards.

For months Sebastian, Day and their lawyers have been embroiled in an ugly stoush in the Federal Court.

It was Sebastian who convinced his good friend Monk to sign up with Day, and it is understood it was the fallout between Sebastian and Day which prompted Monk to seek new representation and make contact with Anderson.

Last year Day, who with his wife also represents some of Australia’s top cage fighters, told PS he had been forced to sell his family home and liquidated his firm, 6 Degrees Management, because of Sebastian’s lawsuit.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission records reveal Day’s company 6 Degrees Management Pty Ltd was wound up in early July, shortly after mediation failed with Sebastian and following the loss of one of Day’s other clients: game show host Grant Denyer.

ASIC records also reveal that in April, Day’s wife Courtney, a yoga enthusiast, set up two new celebrity management businesses, Rival Sports Management Pty Ltd and Media Talent Management Pty Ltd. Courtney Day previously worked at 6 Degrees, managing Sebastian’s wife Jules’ attempts to launch a media career.

Several of Titus Day’s former clients at 6 Degrees, including several UFC fighters, signed on to his wife’s new businesses, along with his former star client Sophie Monk, who was initially listed as a 10 per cent shareholder in Media Talent Management, with Courtney Day holding the remaining 90 per cent. ASIC records now show Media Talent Management is now wholly owned by Day.

We understand that another venture that Titus Day has a heavy involvement is not traveling as well as he might have wished.

Perhaps Sophie wanted to start fresh in 2020.

We suppose that things can only get better for Titus. We at CTL wish you the best of luck, Titus.


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