Harley Hits The Social Media Road

By - CTL
February 28, 2020
Harley Davidson

By Marcus Honesta

Droga5 has unveiled its first work for the emblematic motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson after winning the account last February.

We at CTL would love to see the research as to the actual market demographic of the typical Harley bike purchaser. We strongly doubt that this film will appeal to what we suspect are the real buyers of this most famous marque.

With the entry price of their basic bike the SPORTSTER being $16K to the CVO™ being $80K, they are not for everyone.

In a typically millennial indulgent execution, (no doubt written by millennials), the 60-second spot plays to those who are less likely to ever want to escape the very thing they are having a direct shot at. In the spot it extols the freedom riding a Harley can bring all the while having a less than subtle dig at social media addictions.

The Harley might be as American as the 4th of July, George Washington and Apple Pie; however, the spot was actually filmed in and around Prague, now there’s a surprise. I suppose writing a script for a trip is still alive and well in the USA.

Gloating over the work, Droga5 creative director said, “There is something exhilarating about feeling yourself go that fast in a closely built European city,” Droga5 creative director Thom Glover told Muse. “When the buildings have character, the stakes feel higher.”

See it here:


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