It’s good to be crazy

By - CTL
March 7, 2019

By Steve May, Copywriter and CEO at Rockatansky.

Being crazy is one of the best advertising stories there is.

Nike’s recent ‘Dream Crazier’ commercial is wonderful. Power and poise mashed in perfect narrative melody. Poignant. A statement made at a time when we’re all ears. Isn’t it magnificent when the planets of message and appetite-of-masses align?

As much as I love it, though, I love Apple’s original ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’ just that little bit more (nothing beats the original, right?).

This was the commercial that first took montage and message and mandated goose bumps – and in doing so further elevated a computer company to something much more (yes, Apple’s 1984 commercial did similar, but I prefer the simplicity of this one).

Everything about it is perfect. The writing, the rhythm. Refraining from choosing a cliched ad-land voice over, instead enlisting the Smurf-like voice of Richard Dreyfuss. Thing is, it’s this matter-of-fact, casual delivery, juxtaposed with a knuckle-duster narrative, that creates the magic – voila.

Remember, to be powerful, you need light and shade – as illustrated in both commercials.

Above all, it reminds us that to move forward and change the world, we need to upset the status quo and be flies in ointment.

All this, conveyed in 60 seconds.


Here’s to more commercials like these ones.





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