PHOTOPLAY Director Lucinda Schreiber Brings Animated Magic to Samuel Hubbard’s Latest Campaign

By - CTL
February 22, 2019

PHOTOPLAY director and designer Lucinda Schreiber showcases her signature stop-frame animation style in whimsical new Samuel Hubbard campaign, ‘Ridiculously Comfortable Shoes’.

Crafted entirely around the simple visual concept of animated shoe laces as they twist and reshape to illustrate the narrative of real life customer reviews, the campaign’s two spots Jungle and Marathon are each themed around situations where the American shoe brand is worn as a surprising alterative to traditional sports shoes.

With a script inspired by themes of simplicity and authenticity, Schreiber created a story using one continuous animated line made out of real shoe laces. Using actual laces wired to contort into illustrative shapes, Jungle and Marathon were meticulously animated using frame-by-frame hand-drawn images.

Says Schreiber: “Having never previously attempted the animation of one continuous line drawing, I was attracted to the challenge, finding it a complex but satisfying process. As much as anything, this project was done for love of the craft itself!”

“Shooting on the Canon 5D, I built the frames ahead of time. Designing and directing the storyboard and enlisting the help of two voice over artists, I settled on the structure of the visuals before beginning the seven-day stop motion shoot.”

With a background in art, design and illustration, Schreiber’s career has seen her bring her unique style to a diverse range of mediums; including stop-motion animation in addition to live-action and 2D digital animation.

Schreiber has directed and animated numerous TVCs and music videos for clients such as Blackmores, Saks 5th Avenue, Coca-Cola, Telstra and Gotye. Her work has screened and been awarded at international festivals and competitions, as well as featuring in publications including Stash, IdN, Gestalten, Motiongrapher, Shots and Vice.

View the ‘Ridiculously Comfortable Shoes’ campaign spots Jungle and Marathon.

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