FLiCKERFEST 2019: The world’s best short film festival is back in Bondi

By - CTL
January 10, 2019

From this weekend, Sydneysiders have an even better reason to head to Bondi other than the famous golden sands, as Flickerfest – the world’s greatest festival of short film – rolls back into Bondi Pavilion from Friday 11-20 January.

For 28 years the festival has been a breeding ground for exceptional Australian talent, as well as welcoming a whole host of international filmmakers to these shores.

Always an audience favourite, the Australian program includes some brilliant entries in 2019. Key highlights  include the Australian premieres of DESERT DASH, written, directed and starring Gracie Otto, which takes a fun and slightly twisted look at what life would be life in the Aussie outback if it was all just a game, and the Australian premiere of GHOST BEAR, a moving and though-provoking animation for kids by the legendary Actor/Comedian Paul McDermott a Flickerfest veteran whose previous animations have featured and won at Flickerfest and have gone on to win awards internationally.

DESERT DASH, written, directed and starring Gracie Otto


The international program will feature the Australian Premiere of French film, RISE OF A STAR, starring legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve, which explores the life of a new Ballerina who’s dark secret threatens to undermine what she has spent a whole life on, and Norwegian comedy, TO PLANT A FLAG, starring Jason Schwartzman, known for his frequent collaborations with Wes Anderson, such as Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Flickerfest screens a vast array of film styles and genres and once again is bringing back beloved showcase categories such as FlickerKids – a full day of delightful family programming, Rainbow Shorts, featuring the highest quality LGBTIQ+ shorts from around the world, Short Laughs – a program of pure joy and side-splitting laughs, Love Bites – juicy stories about relationships, as well as the special FlickerUp National Youth Competitions for talented Australian filmmakers under 18.

All films officially selected at Flickerfest are competing for a number of awards across various areas of the filmmaking craft, including the Flickerfest Award for Best International Film, the Yoram Gross Award For Best Animation, and the Flickerfest Award For Best Australian Film.

Check out the full programme HERE.

Book your tickets and support this amazing festival of film HERE.

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