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November 20, 2018

By Marcus Honesta.

After all these years, it’s rare that I am moved by a TVC; let alone moved so deeply that it brings a tear to a glass eye. Well the new John Lewis & Partners Christmas spot did just that. What a ball-tearer.

At 71 years of age, iconic singer-songwriter Elton John is crossing the globe for one last time on his farewell tour.

U.K. retailer John Lewis & Partners is celebrating his life and music with a Christmas ad that takes viewers on a two-minute journey through his entire life.

For the past decade, John Lewis’ memorable Christmas ads have become a part of the holiday tradition in the U.K.

According the Ad industry is all a twitter “The annual advertising campaign from the department store has become so ingrained in the public consciousness since its launch in 2007 that some believe the festive season only truly starts when it has been released.”

The ad begins with current-day John tinkling the ivories and reflecting on his past. We see how his hit, “Your Song” has evolved from John’s current-day performances back to its original recording in 1970.

The ad also boasts some spectacular effects. It perfectly recreates John’s iconic performance at Dodger Stadium in 1975 and features uncanny CGI versions of John through his various looks and phases as an artist.

But what does it have to do with Christmas? You’ll see in the end.

Here’s what people are saying about the ad on Twitter.

They say Christmas is the season of miracles, perhaps they’re right.

Well done John Lewis & Partners.


  1. DEAR Marcus, Such a shame he was not handed a lump of coal or a coal shovel or something useful at the start of his life. This Character in the hat lacks any real coal shoveling ability and pays for it dearly. Thank heavens we get to see fine commercials about new coal, fair dinkum coal and that wonderful series of spots with the droll young lady so fascinated by the technology of burning rocks she is inspired to grace our screens every night with details of her fact finding trip to Japan. Where get this.. they burn rocks to do something similar to wind, solar and hydro energy. The makers of this ad should be appalled. Such a bad example to set for children. 1 in a million make it in music and yet with COAL we all feel the effects every time!

  2. Dear Neville – I have to agree – If that child was handed COAL at a young age or encouraged to go and work down the mines – he would probably still not have to be working at 70+ years old.
    This ad is a traversity.

    1. Idiots! – You are missing the point. If Elton John had have been handed coal as a child instead of a piano he would be playing coal in front of a huge audience. Probably a bigger audience than he does now!

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