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October 22, 2018

By Marcus Honesta.

This link was sent me by an old friend of mine, a former Creative Director who was lucky to work in the business during the golden years of advertising. It is from a Ben Kay’s blog it features the iconic David Abbot memo, which Ben describes as… “Probably the best advertising memo ever written.”

David John Abbott was a British advertising executive who founded Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. He was one of the most celebrated advertising executives in the world and regarded as the greatest copywriter of his generation.

It looks to me like it was written on a typewriter. It was sent to the staff of Abbot, Meade, Vickers, in1994, when David realized that his agency, which had been responsible for some of advertising’s most coruscate gems, was beginning to slide down the slippery slope of BDA-DOM. Much like the one’s I have been increasingly ranting about of late. Anyway, enjoy the memo, printed out in full below and have a good hard think about its warnings… Then weep!

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