Free The Bid launches November craft workshop program

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October 11, 2018

Covering topics including managing creativity and work/life balance through to casting techniques and how to work with composers, Free The Bid Australia is excited to launch its upcoming November workshop: ‘Refining your Craft – TVC Directing Masterclass’.

Inviting a range of creative industry professionals to take to the stage to discuss pathways to improve the craft techniques of working female directors, the workshop also includes case studies from leading commercial directors Gracie Otto, Gemma Lee and Alyssa McClelland.

Across the two-day workshop, attendees will get the opportunity to learn from leading creative consultant Ellenor Cox as she reviews balancing the challenges of working in the creative sector, Melissa Bruder who will examine practical aesthetics and directing actors, along with casting agent Joe Wijanco (i4 Casting) as he explores a number of casting techniques.

Directors will then be introduced to Nylon Studios composer Lydia Davies and executive producer Karla Henwood in their presentation, ‘How To Talk Music’. Executive producer Aborah Buick and Jay Hawkins from post production company Alt.VFX will also be on hand to present ‘Concept to Creation, Making Memorable Characters and VFX’, followed by Angela Cerasi who will discuss grading techniques, and publicist Larissa Meikle (Catfish Media), who will walk through effective ways to promote creative projects.

Nylon Studios executive producer, Karla Henwood, says: “I’m very pleased to be involved in this upcoming Free The Bid workshop. It’s a fantastic initiative and a great opportunity for directors to refine their craft across a number of key areas. Lydia and I hope to provide a deeper insight into briefing music, working with composers and helping directors maximise the storytelling and emotional connection they have with their audience, through music.”

Alt.vfx executive producer, Aborah Buick, adds: “We’re really excited to be involved with Free The Bid, and it’s inspiring to see what work the organisation is doing to action change and promote gender diversity in the industry. We hope that our session will give directors a deeper knowledge of visual effects and the processes around creating believable characters, and in turn give them more confidence when approaching agencies and clients with an overall creative vision.”

To secure your position, please contact: Jasmin Tarasin on: or

Workshop Details:

What: Refining your Craft – TVC Directing Masterclass’

When: November 17th – 18th 2018

Where: Fox Studios, Moore Park Sydney NSW

Workshop Fee: $250

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