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September 25, 2018

By Dorothy Thompson.

It was a French Letter that started it all. The letter published in the French Newspaper Le Monde sent shockwaves throughout the world as a reaction against the # MeToo defending men’s right to ‘pester’ as essential in a sexually liberated society. Now the generation of ’68 faces off against the class of ’18 in a battle to define the point at which innocent flirtation ends and harassment begins.

I have always admired Annabel Crab. She is a journalist who strikes me as a person with integrity and a quirky disposition when it comes to reporting on the stories she chooses to cover. Having worked for Adelaide’s The Advertiser, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age the Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald. She has won a Walkley Award in 2009 for her Quarterly Essay, “Stop at Nothing: The Life and Adventures of Malcolm Turnbull”. She has also written two books covering events within the Australian Labor Party, as well The Wife Drought, a book about women’s work life balance. She has hosted ABC television shows Kitchen CabinetThe House and Back in Time for Dinner. She is well qualified to tackle this most potentially divisive of issues.

In this report from the programme Foreign Correspondent she tackles this question is the #METOO movement destroying the art of seduction.

You be the judge.


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