‘Lights, Camera, Power’ – Free The Bid Australia New Production Workshop Announced

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September 20, 2018

Designed to equip directors with a better understanding of the technical choices available to them across all stages of production, Free the Bid Australia in partnership with Panavision, is holding its next workshop, ‘Lights, Camera, Power’ at Fox Studios.

With the aim to propel female directors’ technical and post production skills to the next level, the workshop will be divided across two days next month – October 28th and October 29th 2018.

Day one will be led by award-winning cinematographer Katie Milwright and Free The Bid Australia founder, celebrated commercials and documentary director, Jasmin Tarasin. Female directors will get the opportunity to learn techniques from both across two live shoot demonstrations. The first will include a movement-based sequence with dancers from the Sydney Dance Company, and the second demonstration will be a drama scene played out with actors blocking out a scenario.

“For each demonstration we will be looking at three different camera and lighting set ups to give you a scope of what can be achieved,” Tarasin explains. “Along each stage, Panavision technicians will also discuss each component of lens, camera and lighting best practice.”

On day two of the workshop, directors will have the chance to work with award winning post production company Heckler and editor Gaby Muir as they explore and examine various post-production options in offline, online, VFX and grade.

Heckler executive producer, Bonnie Law, says: “Heckler’s participation in Free The Bid’s workshop earlier this year saw us overwhelmed by a motivated and highly talented collective. We look forward to once again sharing our knowledge and skill guidance as a contribution to the new voices of emerging female film makers.”

Panavision national TVC marketing manager, Nic Godoy, adds: “We are committed in supporting, mentoring and sharing our industry experience and technical knowledge with all filmmakers. We are proud to stand with Free The Bid, and give female directors the tools and support to succeed in their careers.”

This unique workshop is limited to 25 people. To secure your position, please contact Jasmin Tarasin on: jasmin@photoplay.com


Workshop Details:

What: Lights, Camera, Power

When: October 27th – 28th 2018

Where: Fox Studios, Moore Park Sydney NSW

Workshop Fee: $150 for one day and $300 for both days

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