Davros: The diverse route to becoming a film maker

By - CTL
September 20, 2018

With a strong and diverse background in engineering, graphic design and motion graphics, Davros learnt the art of directing moving image from rare and intricate beginnings that have influenced his directing today. Here.s he writes for CTL on his route to becoming a filmmaker.


Like most things, I am in a state of flux as a creative, image maker, director, human. So it’s hard for me to tell you where I am at without telling you where I have been…

I’ve grown up in a pretty real, honest – if somewhat gritty – regional Australian environment. I’ve seen my fair share of craziness, I’ve known my share of sketchy characters, crashed a few cars and pulled apart quite a few more. Walked in many different circles.

I spent a good deal of my early youth shooting BMX, skateboarding, punk rock shows. Devouring the foreign cinema and documentary sections of my local Video Store, staying up way too late watching Eat Carpet on SBS and Rage on The ABC.

My later youth was spent screaming in hardcore punk bands and immersing myself in street art culture, which taught me the power of ‘making do’, of subverting the system to facilitate your own individual expression. Simultaneously I studied mechanical engineering, looking for the theory to complement my obsession with cars and metal fabrication. Part way through I switched ends of the campus to chase a different form of creativity. One that exploded over the duration of a graphic design degree, and then matured over a long affair with motion graphics and art direction within the world of post production and VFX.

This opened the door back into the world of film, and here I am. The sum total of all these parts.

I’m a director with a lot of diverse experiences, influences and passions. I’m obsessed with process, detail, knowing how things work. My creative brain has always been linked to my hands and I’ve always been driven to build beautiful things, on or off the screen.

For a long time I was immersed in the visual – the structure and form of graphic design, the movement and dynamic of motion graphics, the shimmer and magic of VFX. But an enduring love for film, story and a desire to make more emotive, human based work has pulled my creative practice back into the world of live action, and I am discovering the humanity in breaking out of the box, in stripping away the layers and seeing what’s underneath.

I’m striving for realism and honesty in my work, in finding the beauty in the most intense and most mundane moments, in representing the world and the humans I spend time with faithfully, emotively, beautifully, graphically. Bridging the gap between the highly visual and the highly emotive.

One world informing, improving and completing the other.

I feel infinitely lucky that I can combine such an eclectic and often contradictory mix of passions into a craft that allows to me to work in such a diverse and challenging industry. Working with some of the most creative and inspiring minds I have ever encountered, and seeing the results of these collaborations makes the journey more than worthwhile.

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