WATCH: If only all advertising was this insane

By - CTL
August 1, 2018

By Tom Baker.

Oh, the internet. It can be a deluge of shitty content, great wave upon wave of badly made nonsense that would rot the brain of even the most unevolved troglodyte.

But then some absolute maniac comes along and shows you what is possible, especially when you throw everything and the kitchen sink in the mix with outstanding editing and VFX skills and a dash of utter madness.

Exhibit A for this week is the new 2018 showreel by Nick Denboer.

Denbour is a Toronto video artist / remixer / music producer / comedy producer / and all round bonkers humanoid that makes videos. Comedic, strange, unique, he has worked with everyone from Flying Lotus to Conan, with a dash of Old Spice and Deadmau5 in between.

“Finally had time this year to make a new reel,” he wrote on his blog. “It’s been a busy few years since my last compilation and I’ve done a lot of advertising, film and television work for some great clients. Notable stuff in this clip show – A new music video for deadmau5 that is supposed to drop this week, along with tour visuals for him as well, a few Old Spice & KFC ads I did for Wieden+Kennedy, “Kuso” – a Sundance feature film by Flying Lotus that I did VFX for, A couple of Adult Swim projects, Superdeluxe clip of Sean Spicer vomiting urine, Some of my old Conan work, My Sundance / TIFF-featured short film “The Chickening”, and other random smearballer bologna.”

Have a look below, but heed this warning – What has been seen cannot be unseen!


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