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August 21, 2018

By Dorothy Thompson.

Watching Tele the other night, I was surprised at just how sad and dull most of the ads have become.

Naturally I realise that budgets have tightened and the digital revolution has changed the way production is done forever. But is this an excuse to be dull?

I grew up watching ads with jingles. We joyfully sang along with them. I can’t help wondering if an entire generation is missing out on the joy of jingles.

One of the first I remember was the aeroplane Jelly Ad. In another we were all happy little Vegemites. We protected the family and sang away the threats from the hoards of summer flies with Louie and who didn’t know the words to “And Hugo said you go but I said no hugo”, as the KFC laden kids in the cartoon car loped over the horizon.

All the brands were into it. Do you remember How Do You Feel ….. ……I Feel Like A Tooheys or…. Two, (Racing with Malcolm Johnson, cricket with Mike Whitney, surfing with Mark Richards). They were all great.

And even the ones that made us cringe, “The De De Decore Shampoo Shower anthem based on the Duke of Earl song was simply infectious. Love-em!


Yes, and even when Anne Schofield, in the most improbable of roles, we told her: “mum — You ought to be congratulated.”

We had, “footballs, meat pies, kangaroos, and Holden car’s” and you didn’t have to be told “You need Palmolive gold”.

I couldn’t wait for summer to see what Coca-Cola would bring us; and TAA used to take us “Up Up and Away”.

But it didn’t get any better, when December rolled around — the crack of leather on willow, and the anthem of summer was on everyone’s lips; “C’mon on Aussie C’mon, C’mom” It sure did get our blood pumping and hearts pounding.

Qantas reminded us that we all could “Still Call Australia Home”.

Kids were the stars of many jingle based commercials, like Weetabix who were Aussie kids, through to the kids whose dad picked the fruit that goes to Cottees to make their cordial. Then there was the Scottish lad who would tell us “That’s no how ye make porridge”. And how clever were those guys at Pizza Hut who had a singing their telephone number “4811111” for Pizza Hut delivery.

Naturally being Aussies we had to push the boundaries, like the No Knickers commercials for Holeproof — truly scandalous at the time. Razzamatazz Pantyhose, and “Sic’ em Rex” for Antz Pants, and of course we were reminded that “one day your gonna get caught with your pants down.

Never wanting to be left out, our favourite family pets got a run, with Snappy Tom telling us ‘The cats of Australia have made their choice’.

And then there was Chum “So chunky you could carve it”.

Not to be outdone the petrol heads had their own form of hymn and it was for their “V” for Valiant Charger, while someone on a Friday night would wish us — “Avagoodweekend”.

Some of the cynics say; “if you’ve nothing to say — sing it”, but me — I just don’t buy that.

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