Our Top 5 Ads: From the Cannes crop

By - CTL
July 4, 2018

By Jen Brewster.

So many great ads and so much great work. The world of creative advertising is bursting with creative ideas and production talent on a global scale, as is evident from the multitude of awards that were handed out at the recent Cannes Lions Festival.

Each year, the Film jury select ads that showcases a wealth of talent across all disciplines, and this year’s gold Lion and Grand Prix selections were no exception. We chose our favourite five for your viewing pleasure.

K Plus – Friendshit

Financial products don’t often have a sense of humour, but in our opinion, Thai finance app K Plus made the funniest ad of the year. Two strange friends are separated as one heads to a different city for university, and in a hilariously deadpan exchange, one coaches the other in how to make new friends and live a happier life all round, thanks in part to the wonders of K Plus. “You’re so mainstream now!”

Agencies: GREYnJ United Bangkok, Hub Ho Hin Bangkok
Country: Thailand


Tide – It’s a Tide Ad

Probably the one ad this year that every creative in the advertising universe wishes was their idea. A seemingly simple idea that works – even when it isn’t a ‘Tide Ad’ the viewer is already thinking…is this a Tide Ad? Brilliantly executed from start to finish, including the placing of smaller snippets throughout the superbowl game. Was the one spot that cut through all of the rest during the game and earned it’s place at Cannes.

Agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi New York, Hearts & Science, Rattling Stick, Arcade Edit, The Mill, Personal Music, Heard City, Taylor, Marina Maher Communications, Platinum Rye Entertainment, MKTG
Country: USA

Go Gentle Australia – Stop The Horror

Sometimes the ad game isn’t about selling shit to people that don’t need it, and sometimes it is about changing something a lot bigger than the size of our wallets. We can’t show you the whole clip – it was banned from YouTube for being too horrific – but that is the whole point. A stunning, emotional, heartbreaking piece of work from an Australian team. It was so impactful that it changed the law. Job done.

Agencies: Cummins & Partners, History Will Be Kind Sydney, Revolver/Will O’Rourke Sydney, Arc Edit Sydney, Odd Studios Sydney
Country: Australia


Proctor & Gamble – The Talk

This spot appeared in one of our Top 5’s earlier in the year, and it’s still a cracker. Adding it’s voice to an important national conversation in the US, this spot features a selection of African American parents giving the inevitable ‘talk’ to their children when they have to explain the harsh realities of life of growing up as a black person in America through the ages.


Apple – HomePod

Spike Jonze is a mad, talented bastard. A strikingly original filmmaker that creates world’s that exist just outside of our reality, where a little sprinkle of magic dust makes things look and act a little differently than it does for us mere mortals. When you combine those talents with FKA twigs (and probably a humongous production budget we can but dream of) you get something like this. One of the most beautiful and enjoyable rides into insanity that Apple have given us this year. Even that one they did with The Rock.

Agencies: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, MJZ, OMD USA, Final Cut, Framestore
Country: USA

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