Simply The Best: Our Top 5 Ads

By - CTL
July 11, 2018

By Jen Brewster.

Hooo booooy – advertisers can get away with so much these days! People that say ‘we’re just selling people crap that they don’t need’ forget that sometimes advertising – good advertising – can also comment on and push forward society in new and exciting ways, just as much as any other creative medium. I thought about this as I watched a couple of this week’s Top 5.


Planned Parenthood – Protect Our Freedom to F*ck

I am starting an online petition that all ads for everything follow this single template from now until the end of the world (which might be quite soon, so don’t worry about getting bored by it). Fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything. And fuck you. Because we should all be free to fuck whoever you want to fuck, m’kay?

Agency: BBH NY
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Randy Krallman


Playstation – Fear is a Monster

This is a captivating spot, one that is a perfect combination of idea, direction, casting, script and everything else coming together to find a sweet spot that everyone involved in advertising tries to hit with every budget for every product, every time.

Director: Garth Davis
Production Company: EXIT Films
Post production: Cartel


Skinny – Famous Names

On paper, it looks like the mighty Ben Affleck has has fallen pretty far from his Hollywood perch, as it seems he is now starring in ads for Kiwi telecom company, Skinny. Alas, it’s Ben Affleck from Dunedin, not Ben The One That Killed Batman Affleck. It’s a neat idea that keeps the production costs down and the comedy value high.

Agency: Colenso BBDO
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Damien Shatford

Baggit – #PutItOnTheTable

Mansplaining. If you don’t know what that is, then you’re probably a man. But us women…oh my…we know what it is, damn straight. Ok, part of me thinks this ad is a little clunky in it’s execution, but another part thinks that in India, this must represent some kind of rising tide that is of major cultural importance. A major brand that is essentially telling men to STFU and let the lady speak. Hopefully we can all hear that message.

Creative agency: Famous Innovations
Director: Arati Kakkad

Production house: Curious Films

WuFangZhai – Zongzi

This is epic and stupid and funny, as a grain of rice goes on the cosmic journey of life, from birth in the fields to death on our plates. Wonderfully colourful and utterly mental.

Agency: Social Lab Beijing
Production Company: Stink
Director: Nieto

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