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May 30, 2018

By Jen Brewster.

Hello again, dear friends. I hope you have all recovered from last Friday’s AWARD Awards and the ongoing celebrations that saw many an office get trashed with an impromptu after party. But little wonder! I was deeply impressed by some of the work that was shown at the awards, and it does prove that the level of creativity and craft in our industry is up there with some of the best in the world. Congratulations to you all. It’s tough to get any kind of idea over the line, and even harder to get it made. Harder still to get it made well…

Here’s some of the more successful ones we found this week.

Cisco – Webex

Millie Bobby Brown is little cracker. This young lady was one of the powerhouse performers to help launch ‘Stranger Things’ into the global consciousness, and she’s become a style icon to boot. The world could do with more young women like her. Here, tech company Cisco employ her to wax lyrical about human creativity being empowered by technology such as theirs, and while it follows a familiar creative line for the company (Ewan McGregor walked to camera for Cisco back in 2016) this toys with our fondness for Stranger Things pretty well (right down to the synth led soundtrack and styling). So good in fact that it feels like a worthy inclusion this week.

Agency: Ogilvy

Adam and Eve – Sympathy For The Grumps

I love a little jaunty little song in the morning, and not knowing much about the brand, this one packs some hilarity into its one and a half minute duration. Some people, as we all know, are just A-grade assholes…but perhaps there is a reason behind that assholery? Maybe they weren’t just born with it? Maybe the perfect remedy lies a lot closer than we think? Clever idea, clever writing, and a snappy edit make it all a seamless chorus to joy of pleasure.

Agency: Party Land
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks


Ronald McDonald House & Yukon – Feels Like Farther

Oh Lordy…sniffles all round. You don’t need to have children of your own to feel the underlying emotion in this seemingly epic story, where the parent is shown in various far off places that only serve to emphasise that in times of strife, any distance is too much. Ronald McDonald House BC & Yukon provides accommodations for parents to stay close to their seriously ill children going through medical treatment far from home. This spot goes some way to telling the emotional story that sits at the heart of that vital service. Very well done to all involved.

Agency: Cossette
Production Company: Common Good


BT – Be There

BT is British Telecom, a telecommunications giant out of the good old United Kingdom. I’m not sure whether it is memories of home, or the methaphor for human connections (the paper planes passing messages across the city from person to person), but I found this spot full of warmth and gentle cheer. Having said that, my human connections seem to go the way of most of the paper planes that I make. One great arc in mid-air, full of promise, and then a crash straight into the ground, nose bent and flightless for everymore. Oh well.

Agency: AMV BBDO
Production Company: Academy Films
Post Production: The Mill


iZettle – For The Selfmade

Our world is changing rapidly, isn’t it? We stay in our suburbs and bemoan when our favourite coffee shop closes down, or our handmade kitchen-ware store gets boarded up, and yet…we’ll still drive to Ikea to ‘pick up a few things’. Well, in this new Black Mirror-inspired film, iZettle urges people and politicians to join the resistance and shop locally, through this new Black Mirror-inspired film. Jeff Bezos must have felt a faint ripple on his dark side of the force, for it seems to position a very Amazon-like mega-corp at the centre of the story to represent all that is bad about globalisation and the demise of our local retailers and craftsmen. And okay, iZettle might have just sold out to PayPal for $2.2billion in the last few days, but this is a superbly well-made ad that is a perfect combination of idea, production and post all coming together to create something utterly brilliant.

Agency: Edelman Deportivo
Production Company: Iconoclast
Post Production Company: Coffee & TV

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