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May 22, 2018

By Jen Brewster.

Hello dear friends! Are you all looking forward to the imaginatively titled AWARD Awards on Friday this week?I have all of my fingers and toes crossed for all of you to be crowned with glory, for it is what you deserve. Sure, your output this year might not be the best, but Lord knows you tried, didn’t you? And that’s what counts! Only compete with yourself, okay? And if you need some inspiration, have a look at this week’s top 5 to see what you can steal be influenced by.

Spotify – Chase

Imagination is a wonderful thing, don’t you think? Creative are constantly walking around with their antenna up, soaking in experience and surroundings, chasing down inspirational thoughts like a psycho with a claw hammer, trying to land that killer blow that will get their client and their product noticed above all the other screaming noise in our cultural landscape. Some of this week’s choices are highly imaginative, this one included. Who knew a naked Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball would continue to inspire so many?

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Steve Ayson
Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson
DoP: Dariusz Wolski


BBC Sport – Fifa 2018 Trailer

Oh my, this is a thing of beauty. Inspired by the centuries-old Russian tradition of tapestry, the BBC’s World Cup 2018 promo takes the viewer on a journey through iconic moments from World Cup’s past, from Diego Maradona’s ball skills to Paul Gascoigne’s tears and through to the current England team lineup. In a modernization of the traditional tapestry technique, every single frame of the film has been individually embroidered.

Agency:BBC Sport/BBC Creative
Executive Creative Director:Laurent Simon
Creative Director: Tim Jones
Creative Director:James Cross
Director: Nicos Livesey
Production: Blinkink

McDonald’s – 2068

A fully realised vision of the future, with Black Mirror-esque technologies now a part of our every day lives, in the year 2068. Superbly well made idea from TBWA in Spain, this tells the story of our humdrum hero, pottering through his miserable day, only to be inspired by the mime of a beautiful colleague, who seems to invite him out for a Big Mac. She’s a keeper, son.

Agency: TBWA Spain
Production: LEE Films
Director: El Cangrejo


OP Anderson – 127 YEARS OF HARD WORK.

My absolute favourite of all of this week’s choices, a perfect marriage of storytelling and execution. There’s not many ads that cause actual laughter, and this had me giggling for real. You think it is a conventional tale of the master ‘nose’ of a distillery, following in the generational footsteps of his fore fathers to make the perfect blend, something to be enjoyed neat, savouring flavour and tradition the whole time. But times, they are a changing, and these changes are causing old mate some existential angst that is bubbling up and causing minor havoc in his life.

Agency: Uncle Unicorn
Production: Giants & Toys
Director: Henrik Sundgren

Forty Winks – Wake Up To Sleep

Sometimes a spot doesn’t have to have explosions, car chases, or even The Rock to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. While a colleague snarkily remarked that this worked because it made him fall asleep (Nice one, Marcus), the rest of us were dreamily pleased by it’s collection of stunning imagery, placed together alongside some gentle whisperings about the value of sleep itself. It gives me the same feeling I get when I’m relaxing in the bath with headphones on half listening to Alan Watts lectures, which may or may not be intentional. Regardless, it’s no nonsense approach earns a place in our top 5 this week.

Agency: AJF Partnership
Production Company: Resolution Design
Director: Tim Dyroff
Post Production: Resolution Design




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