Simply The Best: Our Top 5 Ads

By - CTL
May 16, 2018

By Jen Brewster.

This week’s choices for our top 5 favourite spots are solid. Solid as… THE ROCK. Regardless of what you think, let it be known that you spoke, and we listened. Now when we choose an advert to include in our favourite of the week, we will also tell you a little bit of information about who made that spot, as per the request from someone known only as Jack. Jack is a keyboard hero for our times.


Bring Change to Mind – Not That Weird: Gnawing

This is a very pertinent little spot, approaching a very serious subject in a simple and fun way. Too many young people suffer from depression silently and unable to express their feelings. In Australia particularly, there’s a degree of toxic machismo that leads to a ‘She’ll be right mate’ response to any admission of frailty or vulnerability from young men. This spots shows how it is just fine to say ‘R U OK?’ to your buddies, at any given time. Don’t let the chance pass you by.

Agency: Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, USA
Production Company / Editing House: Endeavor
Director: Bart Baldwin


Under Armour – Will Finds A Way

Oh man, I love The Rock, don’t you? Not only has he provided a perfect mental test for men who don’t want to be accused of sexual harassment (see The Rock Test) but he has also proven that in Hollywood, everything is better with The Rock in it, even dogshit like Rampage.

In this spot for Under Armour, he acts as a motivational narrator, highlighting the inspirational athletes and all round winners from across the world that should inspire us all to greater things. It’s a familiar set up, but The Rock is in it. So it’s better. Just….because.

Agency: Droga5, New York, USA
Production Company: Superprime
Directors: The Malloys
Flame + Colour: WAX


Burns and Smiles – #SeeDifferent

Wait…am i crying? I’m not crying. It’s the dust. Get’s in your eyes, doesn’t it? This is a beautiful film, emotionally engaging and thought provoking. All centred around a casual trip to the cinema, which is a simple act for most of us. But for some, however, it becomes a mission to stay in the shadows for fear of judgement. It’s the way the main character makes up the ending of the films he sees that is the gut punch for me, inducing strange bubbling from my eyes. Must be the dust in here.

Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France
Director: Nicolas Galoux
Production: TBWA\ELSE
Post-production Company: TBWA\ELSE



Crying for all different reasons at this spot. Experience the tension and comedy of the auction room, where furious bidders wage war against each other in order to win the prize they so richly desire. It lulls you in with some great direction and performances, before hitting you with the killer blow in the final moments.

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK
Production Company: Snapper Films
Director: James Lawes
VFX Company: The Mill


Schweppes – The Dress for Respect

Ok, technically this is a case study, but it wins because it was one of the most unforgettable and talked about spots we say this week. Beverage brand Schweppes created a touch-sensitive dress to show how many times women in Brazil are touched without consent at nightclubs.

The idea came from a harrowing statistic: 86 percent of Brazilian woman have been harassed at dance clubs. Schweppes and Ogilvy Brazil created the dress, which has sensors to register touch in real-time, and asked three women to wear it out. At the end of the night, the women’s interactions are revealed, and needless to say, the statistics make for grim reading. If only we could roll this out across the world and show the global problem at play, then maybe it would encourage (some) men to rethink how they treat women and approach them with more respect going forward.

Agency: Ogilvy Brazil
Production Company: Volcano

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