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May 9, 2018

By Jen Brewster.

What up guys? Have you been good little boys and girls since I last watched a million ads and chose our 5 faves? I took some well earned time off to work on my novel (jokes…i was eating Cheetos), but now i return, fresher than ever and ready to wade through the brain-numbing mush to find the diamonds in the rough, all for you. That’s love, dear friends.


Speight’s – The Dance

Beer ads can be a lot of nonsense at times. Epic, overstated, grandiose or sometimes just plain stupid, showcasing a life of millennial freedom that will be attainable when you just open X/Y beer and take a sip alongside you’re peace-sign loving surf mates. But this….this is excellent, and different. A kick in the nuts to the toxic masculinity that can be part of the drinking culture, this great spot from Speight’s is a lovely little tale of mateship, tenderly told. So good it is getting attention all over the world.


Tourism New Zealand – Get NZ on the map!

Wait, another beauty from our Kiwi friends? You betcha! Tourism New Zealand and Augusto have called on influential Kiwi figures, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and comedian Rhys Darby for a new campaign to encourage the addition of New Zealand to all world maps.

The light-hearted video, has clocked up over 1 million organic views in the first 24 hours and landed in major media outlets all over the world.


IKEA – Ghosts

By the title of this one, I thought it might refer to the blank ghosts of consumers who have become lost in the maze-like worlds of every Ikea store in the world, wandering the pathways of fake rooms, rows and rows of too perfect spaces, haunting the hallways, bedrooms, and bathrooms before they come back to life, briefly, in the cafeteria just in time for some Swedish meatballs and mashed potato. Alas, no. It’s actually an amusing little spot that rather effectively sells the Ikea collection of tasty looking fabrics that could be used to spice up any home.


Gatorade – Everything Changes

Football, dear Australian friends, is played with the feet. The ball is round, ok? I know you call it soccer but that’s just stupid. Anyway, the World Cup is happening this year (Go Socceroos!) and brands are getting in on the action early. This global spot from Gatorade is a fine example, pitching two of the world’s finest players against one another in a rather witty and well made post-season battle of pettiness that’s probably spot on. And all set to the soundtrack of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, which alone earns this spot it’s place in the top 5.


Tasmania Tourism – Feed Your Curious

Look, personally, I think that more tourism ads show make me feel like I’m watching them with a head full of hallucinogenic drugs, like some kind of Hunter S. Thompson freewheeling down the highway when the sky suddenly becomes full of bats. In this case, it’s full of fish, but the kaleidoscopic beauty in some of these shots is rather wonderful. Imaginative and colourful, it broke through the monotony and earned it’s place in the top 5.



2 thoughts on “SIMPLY THE BEST: Our Top 5 Ads

  1. It’s a good list.
    Could you supply credits for them as well, agency, director, production, post?

    1. Jen – I’m sure we could start doing that too. Thanks for the comment!

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