7 Habits of Highly Successful Procrastinators

By - CTL
May 2, 2018

By Alex Wadelton, Consulting Creative Director and Writer…and Happiest Person in the World.

Nowadays, you can’t help but hear advice about to be successful you have to do it NOW, do it fast, fail quickly, get on with it, time is of the essence.

And all of that is true.

But sometimes, I believe, you need to do nothing.

Because when you do nothing, your mind will wander off somewhere different.

And somewhere different is exciting.

By doing nothing, you will incite something. Something inside of you that can’t be reached with logic.

So, over my career I have noticed from a range of creative people seven habits of highly successful procrastinators. So, while that deadline looms, read yet another helpful advice column from some random person on the internet.

HABIT 1: Go for a walk.

Sitting in an office can be soul destroying. Emails. Meetings. Serious Important Business Discussions. Yikes. So, whenever you get the chance go outside and stretch your legs. Not only will you get the blood pumping around your body, you’ll give your brain a much-needed boost of energy.

HABIT 2: Look at some trees swaying in the wind.

The simple pleasures in life are too often overwhelmed by social media, ads, noise, rumours, and all sorts of other distractions. Sometimes it’s good just to stare at a tree and remember that everything in the universe is always changing, that no moment in history has ever been the same, and there’s more to life than that copy you have to write.

When you get back to your work, you just might be able to explain the mysteries of the universe. Or not. But still, you’ll have had a quiet moment of reflection that’s good for your soul.

HABIT 3: Learn about something you have no interest in.

We’ve all heard of the “echo chamber” where everything in your social media reflects what you already think, due to very complicated algorithms that serve you content that’s similar to what you have looked at before. The only way to learn anything, is to get out of that habit and stretch your brain into places it hasn’t been before. Plus, you might discover something entirely awesome that opens up your mind.

HABIT 4: Re-watch something from your childhood.

Yeah, yeah, I just said learn something new. But going back in history is good too. Because it’ll make you think about something you cherish, and give you a warm feeling and remind you about why life is worth living.

HABIT 5: Do some exercise.

Healthy mind, healthy body, and all that jazz. Anything that gets you away from your desk has got to be good for you.

HABIT 6: Get lost in Youtube

Goofing off is important. It’s fun. And often you learn something accidentally when you are doing it. Nothing wrong with a good laugh to reinvigorate you.

HABIT 7: Write an advice column

I have a looming deadline. So I wrote this instead. Hopefully it helps!


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