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April 9, 2018

By Marcus Honesta.


“Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next”; the phoenix has risen from the ashes.

This is the promise of the latest Queensland Government Advertising television commercial campaign. Whilst a beautiful film, well shot, well Directed, with high production values, one has to wonder if it is not extremely patronising and jingoistic in it imagery, and conceptual message. Does it really reflect the true nature of our multi cultural and diverse community in 2018? Or is it stuck in some politically correct indigenous pandering stereotype that the do Gooders wish to force upon us.

Its naive execution relies on an indigenous child (Wayne Douglas), asking a dreadlock Guitar strumming indigenous musician (Jeremy Marou), “Hay Jeremy why do whales jump”? He reply’s “I don’t know maybe the what to see what your up too”.

Set in what purports to be a perfect tropical retreat, our muso sitting strumming away on Queensland’s version of the SS Minnow as his perch. From it, it appears that Queensland has everything you could possibly want in an island getaway.

Having established this, we are then taken on a slow motion; magical mystery tour through the eyes of an indigenous child, as he wanders through the wonders that Queensland has to offer.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, gushing, swooned over its genius saying: “This simple six word phrase says it all about Queensland.

The new campaign perfectly captures the modern Queensland lifestyle told through stunning photography and the experiences of real Queenslanders.

“When you’re on a good thing – stick to it”. (I think she means the campaign from the 1990s).

“When you ask people what Queensland is all about they invariably say ‘Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next.”

“The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games is the perfect platform to launch the campaign to a global audience in the hundreds of millions and Tourism and Events Queensland will ensure the campaign continues to resonate long into the future.

“We want Queensland to continue the tourism growth we have seen in recent years and become Australia’s destination of choice and this campaign will provide people with the inspiration to come and visit,” the Premier said.

She went further: The ‘Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next’ tagline will evolve and the TV ads will encourage consumers to “find your perfect next…” to come to Queensland for their perfect next holiday, next event, experience of whatever it is they want to find in our beautiful State”.

Sycophantically supported by the Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones who said: the new campaign would feature Queensland musicians Busby Marou and their music, as well as two local children – Wayne Douglas from Redcliffe and Georgia Bartholomew from the Sunshine Coast.

“The timing of this campaign is all about leveraging the Commonwealth Games”.

“The Commonwealth Games will shine a spotlight on our state with 600,000 visitors and 1.5 billion people watching from home. So it’s important that we have a marketing strategy that will resonate with people.

“Queensland’s tourism industry is worth $25b and we’re committed to its continued growth, which this campaign will help deliver.

Tourism and Events Queensland CEO Leanne Coddington said: The new campaign was designed to connect with all audiences, whether they be families, older couples or singles, driving visitation to the state.

“All over the world, major companies are returning to previous, successful campaigns and slogans – returning to their emotionally-owned equity”.

“What you will see with this campaign is the much-loved slogan combined with our most recent ‘local invitation’ approach evolving into something new and exciting that will market and promote Queensland to the world,” she said.

One has to wonder if the imagery and message is not more suitable to somewhere like Vanuatu or The Cook Islands, rather then this mighty, ethnically diverse and multi cultural nation.

It is a shame that their creative offering has had to revert back to the 1990’s to capture what was is great about Queensland as a destination. Or perhaps may be things haven’t really changed that much since in QLD since the 90’s.


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