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April 24, 2018

To assist in the obtaining of permission to employ Children, and the terms and conditions associated on each occasion with regard to their participation in, Film and Television Production, Online Video, Entertainment, Photography and all other areas. The office of Children’s Guardian has issued the following announcement.

New online application for employers of children 

The Office of the Children’s Guardian is making it easier for employers of children to apply for an authority. You can now apply for this authority online.

Employers are required by law to get an authority before employing children under 15. This includes roles for film, television, online video, live performance, modelling and still photography in NSW.

Authorised employers have access to:

Information to keep children safe

Advice on working conditions under which children are employed

Up to date information regarding children’s employment law and advice on best practice to keep kids safe

The Office of the Children’s Guardian investigates allegations of unauthorised employment in the industry. Employers have been issued with fines of $5,500 per child where it has been found that unauthorised employment has taken place.

The online authority application process
The newly automated form now takes only 4 minutes to complete. A secure online payment system provides instant proof of payment when using your credit card. You can still take care of the fees by electronic funds transfer.

Applications will continue to be free for students and exempt employers.

Franky Templeton, Producer at Zspace, recently used the online system to apply for an authority and said: “it’s extremely easy to use and very user friendly. It would be extremely useful if I could apply for all my kids’ authority renewals this way.

The online system will cater for an increasing volume of applications, as employers are opting for the one week authority, which costs only $200 for entertainment and exhibition or $100 for a still photography only authority.

Tips before you apply online
• Have your company’s correct ABN handy
• Select the right type of authority and duration. An entertainment and exhibition authority covers all types of work. Companies who are employing children only for still photography can apply for a still photography authority
• Your authority start date and duration should cover each day that a child is employed, including preparatory activities such as wardrobe checks and rehearsals


Find out more

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·       7 days’ notice required for employment notifications



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