Life Is A Blank Canvas

By - CTL
April 2, 2018

By B. Norman.

New online art gallery, WhiteApple, is hosting an exhibition to support emerging artists.

Plenty of aspiring artists dream of a making a living from what they love doing – creating beautiful things from the thoughts that flash through their minds.

For them, life is a blank canvas of opportunity that hopefully one day will provide them with something resembling a living. Unfortunately, very few reach that point where the money coming in is greater than the money going out.

Sheena Studenovic Redmond is endeavoring to tip the scales in favour of emerging artists. She recently launched her online art gallery WhiteApple and is holding an exhibition at the Darlo Bar on April 5 from 6pm where you’ll find works by talented artists you’ve never heard of.

Prices start from $39, so you could buy something simply because because you like it, that turns out to be worth much, much more. In effect, if you support an emerging artist today, their work could end up supporting you in the future.

Crossing The Line spoke to Sheena about the venture.

Sheena, you’re an emerging artist yourself?

“I’m a student at the National Art School in Darlinghurst, Sydney. At NAS I am learning ceramics to extend my art practice alongside my painting and drawing. I am an emerging artist, and I am also learning about how to participate in the art market.

So you’re not just sitting back and hoping people will buy your art, you’ve set up a business to help all emerging artists. What’s the thought behind WhiteApple?

“WhiteApple is all about breaking the ice between the art world and the general public. People love art, but if they can’t access it, conceptually or as a product, then it’s hard for them to support the creative members of our society. WhiteApple is all about getting the works of emerging artists in front of the public.

The prices reflect the fact that they are unknown … not the quality of the work itself”

Do you think that the general public in Australia has art top of mind?

“People love art but the established art world needs to bring itself closer to the everyday setup of people’s lives and expectations. People usually save the occasion to buy a precious piece for their homes, but they quickly depart the art scene as it isn’t always relatable. People find art in their home comforting and personal, and their visual quality extends to conversation about many social, emotional and creative topics.

It’s about time the art world reconciled with ordinary society so it can become a genuine part of the Australian lifestyle. WhiteApple is a springboard for emerging artists who need online and local exposure so they don’t have to wait for history to define their careers. Who wants to be famous when you’re dead?”

Is WhiteApple specialising in a particular style?

“Our works are as many and varied as the artists, which is a lot! At the moment we mainly have ceramicists and painters but I plan to expand out the collection this year.

We offer original, local pieces that reflect the lives of the people around us. There are abstracts, life drawings, landscapes, ceramics – the list goes on. If you’re already an avid art lover and collector or if you’re just getting started I’m sure you’ll find something online or at the exhibition you like.”

Please come along to the WhiteApple Exhibition on the top floor of the Darlo Bar 306 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst, April 5, from 6pm until sold out.

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