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February 14, 2018

By Dorothy Thompson.

Well it’s official; as if there was any doubt at all, Kyle Sandilands is a complete unmitigated, obdurate, dolt!

Although he is in the media, he clearly doesn’t read or watch it.  Perhaps he can’t read? Who could say? During his exceedingly dull radio programme he proved the age-old saying:

“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”.

It’s an oldie but a goldie, and is often attributed to ABRAHAM LINCOLN (in one form or another) however, who ever really did say it must have had someone like Sandilands in mind.

Sandilands boasted to his unfortunate partner in slime, Jackie O and their all-suffering audience in their recent return to the airwaves that he reckoned he’d rooted as many as 40 colleagues during his 25-year career in the radio business. His exact quote was In radio, everyone roots each other. Well not at all stations.

Well I mean who could resist his insatiable charm. Such a stylish chap. I’ll bet his lucky concubines can’t wait for his next instalment, where no doubt he will name the lucky damsels. I use the term damsel on the basis that they were not all enjoying a state of weeded bliss at the time of their “Kylegate” coital conflagration.

Happy Valentine’s Day girls!

Kyle, just for the record, I’d stay well away from that difficult Tracy Spicer woman, who has made it her career’s crusade to “out” as many as 60 senior men in media for their philandering.

The encounter wasn’t a completely one-sided affair; Jackie O (my God) quipped,  Oh I would believe that.

Not to be outdone Jackie O then admitted to sleeping with one colleague  – the DJ “Ugly” Phil O’Neill – who, admittedly, she was married to at the time. I suppose that doesn’t count.

In what must be an advertiser’s delight. I can just see their rapturous marketers (advertisers) chomping through their early morning Wheaties, chuckling out loud “what wags.” There seem that there is nothing sacred, in poor taste or taboo to the dull duo.

However in a spirit of perspicacity, he was quick to clarify that he’d not slept with anyone here at the ARN-owned KIIS FM.

On the flip side, where one might ask where are the ranting feminist lefties, screaming from the rooftops, baying for blood for such appalling sexist un PC bluster. Perhaps they weren’t out of bed yet.

Kyle; there are already three male celebrities caught in the cross hairs of the Political Do-gooders’. Don Burke, Jeffery Rush and Craig McLachlan who all have recently been accused of inappropriate behaviour with female colleagues. I wonder what they might make of your recent revelations.

Here you go girls, it’s a free kick, a no ball, you don’t have to smear Kyle with hear say or anonymous innuendo, the dolt has outed himself for you, go sick him.

Ahhh well… Happy Valentine’s Day anyway Kyle.

2 thoughts on ““HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY KYLE”!

  1. What a jerk!

  2. Talk about painting a target on your back, well done Kyle

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