ADS WE WISH WERE NEVER MADE: What was he thinking????

By - CTL
February 23, 2018

By Marcus Honesta.

From bodies in barrels, to kidnappings in the Outback and sex in the suburbs, South Australia’s capital is also known as the “city of churches”. And it is Australia’s “murder capital”.

Even back in the 1970s, South Australia had a different image. While the rest of Australia was still a social and cultural backwater, Adelaide was a place of restaurants and pavement cafes, where the arts flourished, and equality and social justice guided politics. It was known as the “Athens of the south”; Premier Don Dunstan wore pink shorts in the parliament. They just did things differently there.

Horrific events are in many ways the norm for this southern state. However what you are about to see will no doubt shake their entire belief system to its very foundation, and no doubt shape their future cultural heritage.

Whilst other Politicians entertain their adoring public with political grandstanding, sanctimonious rhetoric, parsimonious finger wagging, extra marital bonking, political spin doctoring and outright lies; Nick Xenophon, renowned for stunts throughout his somewhat tedious political life, has decided to very much lower the bar. His SA Best party’s first video advertisement for the up and coming South Australian election campaign, knows no bounds in its absurdity.

Confused as to just what he does for work, Nick is a Rapper, a Bollywood Star, a Hospital Patient (mental perhaps, this would seem to be the most fitting), a Kitchen Hand, a Farm Worker, a Florist and a Delicatessen attendant. It would seem he wants to be anything but a politician. Well who could blame him for this?

Channelling ghosts from a bygone era, Labor’s 1972 classic “It’s Time” jingle, the chorus chimes: “Make the change in the Nick of time. Forget the rest, vote SA Best”.



From the archives:


Unfortunately, Xenophon obviously didn’t have at his disposal, Paul Jones (RIP) CD McCann Erickson at the time, (credited with the creation of the “It’s Time” campaign), or copywriter Ade Casey and art director Rob Dames. Nor was Ric Kabriel who directed it through Fontana Films Sydney, available for the work. 

Nor did he have the “Who’s Who” of the Australian entertainment and sport personalities of the time chomping at the bit to do their bit. The “Its Time” ad included: Barry CrockerBert NewtonBobby LimbDawn LakeChuck FaulknerCol JoyeGraham KennedyJack ThompsonJacki WeaverJimmy HannanJudy StoneKevin SandersLittle PattieLynette CurranTerry Norris, Ade and Rob Dames, together with a cast of other do Gooders, that gave it the polish and gravitas that this wannabe lacks.

In defence of his folly, Mr Xenophon said while the ad might be “cheesy, it wasn’t poisonous, unlike ads from the major parties”. Nick, it might not be poisonous, but it is painfully dreadful, and lacks any reason to provide a dissolutioned viewer a reason to believe in you or it.

“I’m trying to get across that all of the other political advertising is relentlessly negative and toxic, and the state does have problems, but there’s a positive way through it, and I think that is the message,” Mr Xenophon said.

Xenophon, who is seeking to hold the balance of power after the up and coming State election on March 17, is positioning his party as a serious alternative to the Weatherill government or Liberal opposition.

Featuring a number of his 36 candidates, the low-budget production raises a number of key election issues, such as high power prices, unemployment and government accountability. But as usual he doesn’t provide any answers to the problems.

All CTL has to say is, good luck Nick. You’ll need it.







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  1. OMG what was he thinking?

  2. What a waste of money, I wonder if taxpayers paid for it.

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