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January 17, 2018

By Jen Brewster.

Welcome back to the coalface of the advertising world, where all of us are chipping away with a little toffee hammer, trying to breakdown the barriers between product and consumer in our own creative ways.

Personally, I am so over the multitude of Christmas ads that we have had to endure over the past few months, so let’s move on to a bright new year of TVC production with 5 examples of the best ones we found this week from across the world. – Dragging Yourself to Work

Awww sheeeeit….just some days ago, I bet your recognised this feeling, especially after a nice hot and toasty Festive holiday away from your open plan office. Indian job site Nauki absolutely nails it with this amusing little short, but really it’s an everyman and everywoman tale that happens the world over. The Monday-itus!


Subaru Forester – A Life Story On The Line

I like this ad because it uses a reverse camera movement to essentially move back in time with the narrative, before finally moving forward as the family featured move forward with their lives. Not overly flashy, just good ‘ole fashion story telling!


Volvo – Call My Name

Part ad, part music video, this is delightfully well done. Taking its cues from the likes of OK Go and Aha!, this is an imaginative story that centres around a lady in the midst of a break up, driving through the desert in a world that combines live action with more traditional 2D animation. It puts the car at the centre of the action, and while I’m not sure it sells any features, it does look damn good in this entertaining piece from Israel.


Meat and Livestock Australia – Lamb Side Story

Another year, another advert from MLA telling us to eat more lamb. Oh, and what a colourful delight this one is! Seemingly based on West Side Story, this felt to me more like a homage to Oscar-winning movie, La La Land, and that Bjork video ‘Oh, So Quiet’. It has divided opinion, to say the least, but if the organisation is going to measure success by media mentions alone (traditional and social) then this bright beast of a thing is a smash on that alone. Some – like our very own Marcus ‘The Grinch’ Honesta – have lampooned its caricatures of the Right and Left. But do you really think the rival factions of 1950s America depicted in West Side Story were swinging on lamposts and singing jaunty songs as they battled for turf? Of course not, they were probably stabbing each other in the eyeballs and cracking skulls with dirty baseball bats. That’s not very fun though, is it?



From lamb, to chicken, and this entertaining spot from our friends in France. The Colonel might be a recognisable icon of the fast food fat bastard culture that exists in other corners of the world, but in France, where the wine is sweet and the food is delicious, only 3% of consumers know who the bearded demigod is. For over a quarter of a century his trademark face has appeared on buckets but has never been a part of the brand’s communication, so it’s time for him to take centre stage and sell more deep fried chicken to these food-living philistines!


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