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January 22, 2018

By Marcus Honesta.

I have never really much liked the analogy of movie characters or plots reflecting too much of real-life; preferring movies to be a portal into a marvelous, reckless escape out of the Worlds seemly endless routine of day-to-day life.

However being a victim of our own dislikes, here you go. Do you remember “Jaws The Movie” that one time or another in the 1970’s terrified us so much that the thought of a dip in the Ocean could be as dangerous as leaping from North Head and hoping to land safely in tranquil waters below.

It’s truly amazing, one shark could terrorise an entire community. That peaceful, pristine, somewhat sleepy holiday resort on Amity Island; was held to ransom with atrophied authorities seemingly unwilling to do anything to protect the innocent citizens and visitors to the community.

At the start of the movie hopes were high for a fun filled holiday, frocking in the sand and surf, (working on melanomas, carcinomas and sunstroke that would eventually in years to come kill them, but never that mind), the joys of just cooling off with a pleasant deep in the beautiful sea was the only thing on their collective minds. But then the music starts (you remember it) Bar-bum bar-dum Bar-dark Bar. Oh no!!!! There’s blood in the water, the people are screaming. Chaos reigns supreme, but look it’s not the shark, what could it be? Oh no; it’s the cafe latte toting, loony left politically correct, who have the evil Sonia Kruger in their Jaws.

How do the lyrics to the famous Mortein Louie the Fly theme song end “Poor dead Sonia, Sonia must die a victim of PC…. PCCCCCC. And what was her crime? The most evil of all, worse than high treason, worse than capital murder, dare I even say worse than terrorism itself. She has an opinion!!!!! Ahhhhhh, parents lock your kids away.

I must apologies right now; this article should have had a disclaimer at the front of it “the author has an opinion that may not be suitable for unsupervised reading”.

Poor, poor, stupid Sonia, worries about her child’s safety.

She worries that the seemingly senseless radicalisation of certain sectors of the Muslim community who are apparently hell-bent on the destruction of our way of life, may pose a clear and present threat to her child’s future health and wellbeing.

That’s all right darling (Sonia) put them in the hands of the “safe schools programme” that will protect them, that will give them the right opinion; the politically correct opinion, far be it that they are allowed to fall into the same wretched trap you did, when the weak evil and uncaring government and education department encouraged people to practice freedom of speech, to think for themselves. Best we stop that immediately, if we don’t where might society be headed.

I was reading a piece by Mark Latham, a fellow who during his tenure as leader of the Labor party I saw little in common with. However in his article in the Daily Telegraph “Political correctness is a strain in our national life” he partly writes.

“Now the evidence suggests the PC monster has returned, worse than ever. It has grabbed hold of our university system, where Australian history is being rewritten and the use of sarcasm outlawed. 

At Sydney University, the Evangelical Union has been threatened with deregistration because of the so-called “discriminatory practice” of requiring its members to believe in Jesus. In government schools, classes previously devoted to the teaching of math’s, science and English are being replaced by “respectful relationship” and “anti-bullying” programs.

The new curriculum is a Trojan horse for attempts at neo-Marxist ­social engineering.

The Safe Schools program, for instance, is 5 per cent anti-bullying and 95 per cent gender propaganda: ­encouraging students to believe the genetic reality of male and female has become obsolete; and that swapping genders is as easy as swapping underpants. Even preschool students are not immune from this nonsense.

Early Childhood Australia teaches toddlers about sex and cross-dressing — consistent with its belief that young children are “sexual beings”. 

Its Start Early program includes tours of the opposite sex’s toilets as a way of “valuing difference” and ­“reducing family violence”. This is what Left-feminism has become: a wacko factory arguing that if three-year-old boys inspect the girls’ loo they will grow up to never hit anyone. Elsewhere there are daily reports of a domestic violence “epidemic” and “national emergency”, inferring we’ve become a nation of wife-bashers.

Yet official figures show an annual domestic assault rate against women of 1 per cent. In their critique of men and “patriarchy”, Left-feminists never let the facts get in the way of a good story. In the new PC era, a man only needs to look sideways at an attractive woman to be labeled a “misogynist” — as the West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle found out when he flirted with Mel McLaughlin during last season’s Big Bash. While normal people spend their downtime watching My Kitchen Rules or Married At First Sight, the elites sit around dreaming up negative labels with which to denigrate the everyday fun of suburban life.

Chat up a pretty girl: “Sexist”. Laugh at a joke involving race or gender: “Bigot”. Enjoy a good-natured pun to do with sexuality: “Homophobe”. Barrack against a footy player you don’t like: “Racist”. 

Taking offence used to be a choice in life. Now it’s a mandatory source of outrage for every two-bit Leftie living northeast of Marrickville.

Government agencies are adding to the PC plague. In Tasmania, the state Anti-Discrimination Commissioner has found the Catholic Church has a case to answer for speaking out against gay marriage (an institution the church has never supported).

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, has gone a step further: redefining the meaning of tolerance, such that citizens can now be judged to be racist “even in the absence of racial malice”. That is, one can mean no harm to another person, say with the use of innocuous terms such as Muzzie or Negro — but still be found guilty of what Soutphommasane calls “unlawful racial discrimination”.

What’s behind this resurgence of political correctness in our national life? I can identify two causes: money and ideology. In the digital age, traditional media companies such as Fairfax are under severe financial pressure. Their response has been to chase clickbait — hits on their websites from exaggerated headlines about PC outrage (which then attracts extra advertising revenue).

Could this be true? He continues.

“Ideologically, on foreign and economic policy, Left activists have run out of issues on which to campaign — turning instead to “widespread cultural change” as a way of achieving their goals. Neo-Marxism’s credibility on foreign policy collapsed with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

On economic issues, the triumph of modern capitalism (especially in Australia with its 25 years of unbroken economic growth) has rendered the Left impotent. Twenty years ago it was talking about central planning and protectionism, but now these ideas are laughable. Trying to engineer cultural change is all it has left, a strategy exercised through influence in universities, schools, government nanny-state agencies and media outlets. 

This is the New Leftist Cultural Revolution, a political movement no less manipulative than Mao Zedong’s original version 50 years ago. When the elites talk about “the need for widespread cultural change”, what they are actually doing is trying to transform human nature — a dangerously authoritarian process. They are trying to re-engineer society in their own image.”

The media must take its on its own responsibility for promoting all this the PC claptrap we now have to suffer. Why do I say this? They are guilty of giving it wide spread coverage that encourages it to breath and grow.

The media along with the socialists keyboard zeolites infest our very way of life among the worst offenders is advertising; the cravenly kowtower to the pressure of the PC brigade. Who might we offend they cry? It’s almost impossible to even laugh at our-selves without the fear of lawsuits falling from the sky like confetti used too, (before it too was banned).

Well here at CTL we have said enough is enough, we have drawn our line in the sand. We will not be muzzled, we will not be intimidated, and we will not be bullied into a politically a correct situation, opinion or position we do not believe in, and are not proud to put our name to. We challenge all others to follow the same line.

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