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By - CTL
December 14, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

Is it holiday season yet? Can I go and spend some time with my family, please? Oh we shall, sweet friends, but first it is time to cast our aching eyes over some more seasonal brilliance from the advertising world.


Lincoln – Olivia’s Wish List

I got very carried away with this spot form Lincoln cars in the US. A little girl finds the magic of Christmas inside a snow globe, and all of her wishes start to come true right before her very eyes. What follows is a Bjork/Michel Gondry-esque cinematic dance that’s got enough charm to make it into my list this week.


Coco De Mer – Christmas is Coming

Holy moley…this has me hot under the collar! NSFW! Although you work in the advertising industry, so this is probably nothing compared to what you get up to any given Tuesday afternoon. You know, there was a time where my husband and I had some wild times. Wild, I tell you. But as a result of those wild times, children appeared, despite our best but halfhearted intentions. This spot makes me think of those wild times fondly, and if you’re reading this, dear husband, then remember….Extra Large, 38 DD.


BBC One – The Supporting Act

The good old bastion of Britishness, the beloved BBC, has released this wonderfully crafted animated short film that is a lesson for all of us this Christmas time. Put down the devices (even if they’re brand new) and just enjoy the time with your loved ones. Appreciate them and their endeavors. Show them some love. And I don’t mean the kind of love that needs to be posted on Instagram with a few catchy hashtags. #putthefuckingphonedown


Audi – Parking Lot

One of the greatest joy’s of Christmas time, surely…is the frantic queues and millions of people all trying to do their shopping at the last minute, shops and parking lots so rammed full that to find one becomes an adventure in itself. This spot imagines that search as an increasingly desperate joust between two sleek Audio drivers, showcasing how never to drive in a busy parking lot.


Ikea – Bottled

I would smother this spot in so much love if I could. You see, sometimes it isn’t about the bombastic special effects or thrilling car chases, but rather, a beautiful, human story told very well. The lad wants to thanks his (single) Mum that does so much for him throughout the year, so he bottles the love to open and pour around at Christmas time, the sweet little boy that he is.

Now, I’m off for a sherry or two. Sweet dreams, dear readers.

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