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By - CTL
December 5, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

Hey folks, do you remember last week when we brought you 10 of the best Christmas adverts we could find out there in 2017? Well since we love you all soooooo much, and you’ve been very good boys and girls aaaaall year, here is our gift to you. 5 more Festive treats to melt your cold, empty husk of a heart.


RSPCA – Stars

You know what’s a good idea for a gift if you’re an idiot? A dog. Yeah, that’s right. Buy your child a dog for Christmas, you utter clown of a human. (Disclaimer – DO NOT BUY YOUR CHILD A DOG AT CHRISTMAS). As with a lot of gifts a child receives, it will lay in a corner untouched and unloved as they amuse themselves with a wind-up piece of plastic that goes ‘WOOO-WOOOO’ and flashes little lasers right into Daddy’s eyes as he’s trying to snooze off his Christmas lunch, full of festive cheer (and booze). Speaking from past experience, obviously.


Edeka – Christmas

Oh man, this is an impressive piece of work that imagines what Christmas might be like in 2117, when humans have been replaced by sentient robots and the last remaining families have migrated out of the cities and into nature to begin again, far removed from the consumerist bubble of the concrete graveyards of urban living. Or something…


Age UK – Just Another Day

Oh my…It could be the eggnog talking, but i bawled my eyes out at this gently powerful advert from British charity Age UK. For most, Christmas is a time for coming together and being with family. B

ut for some in their later years, those loved ones are not around anymore, and Christmas can seem like just another day. The brilliant message – and it’s one that we should all remember – is that ‘No one should have no one’. So give your neighbours a knock this festive season, invite them in for a sherry! By the end of the day, the might be the only one’s left talking to you. Speaking from past experience, obviously.


Air New Zealand – A Very Merry Mistake

From the sad to the sublime! Those Kiwis are at it again in this hilarious and brilliant take on the season of goodwill, where Santa grants all the wishes of all the good souls around the world. But what happens when that accent is misunderstood from the great man from the North Pole? Cue much hilarity.


NOS – The Secret of Christmas

This doting father let’s his kid into a secret, and tells him Santa’s secret phone number. Ok, he lies through his teeth and gives the kid his own number, but it’s ok…it’s Christmas. Parents are allowed to lie. In fact, it is positively encouraged. Santa’s secret phone number is passed around school, before it spreads like wildfire and the whole world is calling the lying parent to ask for their greatest wish this Christmas time. A great story done very well.

Have a very merry Christmas you lovely people!

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