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November 9, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

Well well, whatever happened to the year? Not long ago it seems I was making lists of New Year resolutions, and yet here we are, in the blink of an eye, in November. Of course, that means we are approaching the festive holidays and advertisers will start shovelling content at us and our children at alarming rates. Will a good campaign make any difference to how you shop this season, or not? Either way, enjoy a couple of festive ads in our top 5 from this week!


Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up

There is something very clever about the way that Samsung has ripped into the iPhone at each stage of it’s development. It’s a brave move, especially when the Samsung brand is still recovering from the exploding Note 7 debacle, but it’s done with a cheeky humour that underpins all of the moans and groans that users have had about each iPhone iteration and all those bullshit connectors, chargers and accessories they make you buy.


Briteside – Cannabis Delivery

Ok, so we live in a country with draconian drug laws, but you don’t have to be Cheech and Chong to find this ad for a legal marijuana delivery service funny. Don’t get excited though, it’s for a real service in the US, not here in Australia. When you look at it in relation to the multitude of conventional prescription drug ads from the big pharma giants – which highlight the problem/solution argument – then this utterly nails it. They’ll sort you with some ‘dank herbs’ right to your door! If it wasn’t for all those guns and orange tyrants, one might consider a move to Portland, Oregon, just to take advantage of this wonderful service.


HP – Reinvent Giving

Awwww…a rather lovely tale that urges users to reinvent giving, just in time for Christmas. A young designer enlists the help of some friends to bring some much needed joy and friendship to a lonely little girl across the way. It’s a feel-good message, done pretty well.


M&S – Christmas 2017 – Paddington & The Christmas Visitor

Wait…wait….does he say what it sounds like he says? I’ve watched this ten times already and I’m pretty sure the man says – “Fuck you Little Bear.” around the 1.10secs mark. The people at Marks and Sparks maintain that the man says “Thank you Little Bear” but I’m not buying it. Just like I wont be buying anything out of Marks and Spencer this Christmas. Still, one can still doth one’s cap at this very well made advert, in all it’s very British glory.


Oxfam – The Heist No One is Talking About

Here’s another very big ‘fuck you’ – this time delivered to all of us, from all of the big corporations who dodge paying their taxes. Companies dodge approx. £78bn in tax in poor countries annually. Oxfam says that just a third of this is enough to cover the bill for essential healthcare that could prevent the needless deaths of eight million mothers, babies and children.

Turns out even Her Majesty is at it too, hiding wads of cash in off shore tax havens. Hmm…sounds like it’s time to burn it all down and start again in a new socialist utopia, hey?

Awesome work from Oxfam.

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