Simply The Best: The Top 10 Christmas ads of 2017

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November 29, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

What does Christmas mean to you? It might mean nothing at all, whether it is religion or work or Grinch-like tendencies. Or it could mean the world, a place where family and friends come together in one glorious melting pot and eat the finest foods known to man, exchanging the presents and all the other seasonal business that happens during the holiday season.

Either way, you can’t escape the brand messages that are geared to hit you where it hurts at this time of year, whether that is in the purse, the heart or even the stomach. Many try to win our favour, and many fail…but there are always ones that are just that little bit special enough to lift their head above the rest.

Here’s our selection of the brightest and best seasonal adverts for 2017.


Heathrow Airport – Heathrow Bears

These bears are beautiful little things, echoing the travels the different generations make across the years to be together at a time like this. An evolution of the award-winning spot from last year, 2017 sees London’s Heathrow airport take the story further and the viewer on a journey throughout the years for these bears and their family. Beautifully done.


John Lewis – Moz The Monster

Much has been said about this ad not being as good as last year’s effort ‘Buster The Boxer’ and while that may be true, John Lewis can still be proud of a lovely little tale of Moz The Monster who hides under this little boy’s bed in the darkness. What relevance it has to Christmas, I don’t know, but it hardly matters when it’s done so well and all the world is watching.


H&M – A Magical Holiday

Wait a minute…Nicky Minaj? Are you serious? Because nothing says Christmas like an ass-waving celebrity that likes to sing about massive dongs, right? Actually, Minaj manages to keep her clothes on for this one, and as it turns out, it’s a magical fairy tale involving a young girl’s journey into a parallel universe, where she goes up against an evil Father Christmas (played by Hollywood heavyweight John Turturro), before saving the day in time for bedtime.


ALDI Australia – The More The Merrier

Here in Australia, it’s sometimes hard to relate to the familiar tropes of Christmas imagery. I mean, what relevance does a well crafted snowman really have for you when you’re literally frying under a baking hot sun, swigging out of a bag of goon in front of the kids? (I’m joking, I’ve never done that….honest). This one from ALDI might be the most relevant Australian Christmas story ever told, where a game of backyard cricket with the loved ones turns into a heroic tale that is only brought to a joyous end by the smell of the good old Christmas ham. How’s that you turkies?!


Myer – Elf’s Journey

If Toy Story was a Myer Christmas advert with Woody as a wooden elf, then it might look a little something like this. A deep little tale about appreciating those around you this Christmas.


Spanish Lottery – Danielle

This is a superbly done film about an alien who comes to earth and falls in love over a Spanish lottery ticket, essentially. But within that is themes of fate and taking opportunities when they arise, of lost connections, of timeless affairs of the heart, and lots more. Watch the 19min short film version HERE


Penny – Christmas

Oh man, this spot from German online retailer Penny had me in tears. Surely it captures the true essence of Christmas, in that it’s a time for burying the hatchets that you’ve been swinging all year and breaking bread with your lost loved ones, wherever they may be and whatever chasm you have to cross to get to their door. Possibly my favourite of the bunch.


David Jones – Now It Feels Like Christmas

An Gingerbread Man ex-pat travels across Europe to find the best gifts for his gingerbread family, bringing them home in a glorious reunion that sees the entire clan take their place in DJ’s shop window. A fun spot that provides a bit of charm to the festive season.


Argos – Ready For Take Off

Yes! Why of course! Santa’s elves aren’t beavering away making wooden toys for a tech-savvy world, they’re living in a state of the art distribution centre that’s a cross between Amazon and The Thunderbirds, making sure the consumerist kids get that special toy they’ve been crying about for the past 4 months.


Samsung – Giving is a gift to be shared

Awww…right in the feels! A concierge spends the year making sure that all of his multicultural guests get the same special treatment on whatever special occasion is most appropriate to them, and what does he ask in return? Nothing, because he’s a top lad. But luckily, some little cherub captures the spirit of Christmas and brings everyone together to bring a special gift to this hero among men.


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