SCARED STRAIGHT: Out of Advertising

By - CTL
November 16, 2017

By Alexander McMahon.

Do you remember your first day in the advertising industry? How you were full of hope, expectation, and a burning dream to use your exceptional creativity to change the world?

Yeah, me too. But later you would discover that the advertising industry is not the place where dreams blossom, but is instead a soul-crushing snakepit of long, arduous hours and thankless tasks, where good men and women go to have their social lives taken from them in exchange for some lion shaped trophies.

Ha! Just kidding…we love it really. It’s awesome. But…we might want to adjust our level of expectation when we join the industry. And if it’s not adjusted, our new employers and inspirational figures should help us adjust, by way of some cold, hard realisations.

Which is where this clip comes in…

Zulu Alpha Kilo was crowned Ad Age’s International Small Agency of the Year 2017 and Small Agency of the Year 2016. Produced for Strategy Magazine’s Canadian Agency of the Year Competition, this film was screened at the Awards ceremony. Shortlisted agencies were asked to create a short self-promo video, and this crowd decided to have some fun, by showing what it really should be like for new recruits who join the ranks…




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