This is Gold: Straight to TV

By - CTL
October 3, 2017

Illustrations by Harry Gold.

“It has just been announced that ‘Underworld’ – the Vampire movie franchise that kept Kate Beckinsale a household-ish name and tried to shoehorn “Lycan” into the lexicon – will be getting a television series. This continues the ongoing Hollywood trend of:

1) selecting a clapped-out series of films that everyone wishes would just go away;
2) following up the latest bomb sequel (in this particular case, the lacklustre “Underworld: Blood Wars”) with a mediocre television series, and
3) hoping that somehow the audience won’t notice that it’s just warmed-up leftovers, now that it’s displayed on a differently-sized screen.

“We’ve seen this happen with “Rush Hour”, “Taken” and plenty of other fizzed-out blockbusters, and the formula shows no particular signs of slowing down!” – HG


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