Simply The Best: Our Top 5 Ads

By - CTL
October 10, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

Well, hello there you loveable bunch. The world is a beautiful place, I’m sure you will agree. Full of mystery and wonder, all the many flavours of life itself unfolding under an endless sky. Yet here we are, preoccupied in Ad Land, wondering how we can talk to consumers in new and interesting ways. Here’s 5 of the best examples of how to do that from across the globe this week.


Volkswagen – Generationer

This isn’t your traditional advert. Instead, it’s a beautifully made short film that has a VW Beetle at it’s heart as a story-telling device. It features a fractured family, at odds with one another through age and circumstance, and very far removed from your traditional white picket fence-style family normally seen in branded advertising. Please take the time to watch this and enjoy. If you’d like to know more, head over to Ad Week, who interviewed Director Sune Svanborg Sørensen on this fine achievement.


Laphroaig – Opinions Welcome

I am a fan of brands that embrace the fact that they can be polarising. Like your beloved Australian Vegemite, some people love it, and some people think it tastes like the kind of stuff you scrape from between your toes after a long walk in the hot sun. In this spot, my beloved Laphroaig whisky takes the test of two, bringing a selection of friends together to taste the nectar of the Gods for the first time together. The results range from ‘Tastes like an old sock’ to ‘This is like jazz in a glass.’. What’s your opinion?


Audi – Clowns

You’ve gotta feel for the clowns of the world. For a while there they had it good, much-loved characters of mirth that could delight a room full of children with a honk of the red snout and shake of an over-sized shoe. But those times have changed. Now, the clown is something to be scared of, whether it’s down a sewer like Stephen King’s ‘IT’ or even driving a car like Audi’s new ad for UK audiences.


Sally Hensen – Shetopia

Fuuuuuuck YEAH! Imagine a world where women rule, where women are at the top of the tree, where women have to argue about giving men equal pay! It is truly a modern-day utopia, right? I love everything about this spot from beauty brand Sally Hensen.


Jeep – Compass

This is one of the most breath-taking pieces of film-making we’ve seen in a while, taking some of the incredible vibrancy of a country like India and presenting it onscreen in a dreamlike sequence that is just stunning. Lighting, cinematography, directing, grading, editing…all of the stars have aligned for this piece for the launch of the Jeep Compass in India. I bet you wish you’d worked in it.


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