This is Gold: Weinstein Woes

By - CTL
October 20, 2017

By Harry Gold.


At the risk of seeming a little obvious, I have a cartoon here about the man called Harvey Weinstein.

In case you have been living under a series of sound-proofed and wi-fi-resistant rocks, Harvey Weinstein is one of the biggest, most powerful and most neackbeardly producers in all of tinsel-town. Furthermore, as I’m sure I need not spell out for you, he’s embroiled in a sexual predation scandal that you can’t walk two feet without hearing more about.

The kicker here, after the borderline absurd number of accusers (the above cartoon could have just as easily been a clown car full of Weinstein’s alleged victims), is how Hollywood has reacted.

Harvey’s behaviour has been an open secret in Hollyweird for thirty years, and everyone knew about it. Plenty of the celebs who have now condemned the man already knew about it, and never did jack squat to stop it. An awful lot of actors who have done nothing but heap praise on the man previously (cough, cough, Meryl Streep called him “God”, cough) have now, miraculously, assembled the nerve to jump on the bandwagon and tell everyone they always thought he was a slimeball. It’s also well known that Harvey was by no means the only person molesting anything that moves among Hollywood’s upper echelon, and yet none of the self-proclaimed brave souls seem to have any interest in outing them.  Shocker!

Furthermore, this is now getting plenty of media attention after thirty years… of willful ignorance! The story had been spiked by any number of media organisations before it finally came out in the New Yorker.

So, “Why?”, you may ask. To quote All The President’s Men, “Follow the Money!” Too many people were making a bloated paypacket off of Weinstein’s back. Thusly, an awful lot of industry insiders – men AND women – were only too happy for it to go on, so long as the dosh kept rolling in. No skin off their nose! It’s only now that the whole industry has gone into damage control that most of them pretend to give a fig.

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