Simply The Best: Our Top 5 Ads

By - CTL
September 21, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

In the week that the clients lost confidence and the monkey climbed higher in the tree of life, we scoured the world for some of this weeks most passionate, most visceral, and most touching ads to present to you as part of this regular series.


Folkoperan – An opera made of orgasms

Are you in the office right now? Unplug your headphones and watch the above at full volume. Go on, it will be worth it.


Ecostore – Choose a better tomorrow

This is a beautifully simple piece of work, that shows the juxtaposition between the imaginations of children and adults, with the kids imagining a bright and fascinating future where robots are our best friends and we all live on floating cities or in treehouses. The adults meanwhile, have a much graver outcome for the future of the world. Hey, maybe we should do something about it, eh?


Heineken – The Wall

My colleague Alex McMahon insisted this one be included this week, because it involves at least 3 of his favourite things – namely football, beer, and Bladerunner. Heineken have made a series of super-dramatic and cinematic ads to highlight it’s sponsorship of something called The Champions League. The man featured in this ad is a player of that silly sport, apparently.


Audi – Invisible Man

Clever Audi…I watched this wondering when the point was going to kick in, and when it did, I chuckled at the subtle twist it uses to tell me about….ah wait, I’ll let you have the experience too. Go on, hit play.


Speaking of play, this Baby Driver-esque spot from Hot Wheels features one bad-ass mumma taking the wheel of a vintage race car and proving that women can actually drive. I would love to pull some of these moves on the school run, but I fear my Dualis might not be up to the job. I mean, I am obviously up to the job. Honestly. That ding on the back bumper was the concrete post’s fault, not mine.


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