VR Film Festival opens in Brisbane this weekend

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August 8, 2017

The Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival (AVRFF) is the first event of its kind in Australia, dedicated to emerging virtual reality technology.  Having partnered with Screen Queensland and Brisbane Powerhouse, the inaugural event will showcase the best of Virtual Reality film this weekend, August 11-13. We caught up with organiser Lincoln Savage to hear more about the event and what audiences can expect.


What can you tell me about the AVRFF and why it has been organised? Why now?

AVRFF is a response to the rapidly growing number of works utilising VR technology and the improving quality of these works. We found that there is enough VR works for a showcase and industry discussion for a dedicated festival and we are hoping to establish the event as a significant opportunity for film makers.


What can audiences expect from the event over the weekend?

The first year is focused on introducing the general public to what is possible with this medium and facilitating industry discussion around where it is going. We will be showcasing a panel selected eight films from around the world across a number of genres. Some are 360 degree films and some are full room scale works, more info can be found on the website.


What kind of films are on show, and how did you choose them?

We put together an industry selection panel to select from the applications for showcase and they have chosen a mix of works from around the world that highlight different techniques and outcomes utlising the VR medium.


What do you think VR offers that is different from traditional forms of filmmaking or storytelling?

Being such a new technology there are many opportunities being discovered by creators and I feel that much of these are still yet to be utilised. Creating works with VR has many differences to traditional film making, such as not being able to stand behind the camera, there is no behind the camera, there is only out of the room. As the technology continues to develop I am sure that there is much innovation to come.


How important do you think it is for filmmakers and storytellers to be aware of new mediums like VR?

I think this is up to them entirely, for some these new technologies may not align with their storytelling direction but for others it is a chance to increase the creative option available.


Are there any examples of 360 or VR that you think have really shown the potential of the medium?

There are two works in the AVRFF program in particular that I think are really showing what’s possible. APEX is an incredibly immersive work that uses the medium incredibly well to bring the viewer into another reality. Alteration is one of the highest production value VR films currently available which gives us a glimpse on where we might see bigger budgets leading.


AVRFF OPENING NIGHT – Friday 11th August

Creative filmmakers, technological innovators, and artistic curators will unite for the opening event of the Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival.

Dive into the world of VR with a keynote speech from Oscar Raby, Co-Founder and Creative Director at VRTOV, Melbourne-based Virtual Reality studio behind two of the festival’s showcased films, The Turning Forest, and Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, followed by an industry panel, and an opportunity to network and view the first screenings of our program.

As Australia’s first film festival dedicated to Virtual Reality technology, AVRFF aims to provide an engaging space for audiences to experience this immersive film technology first hand, while promoting creative development, and industry discussion.

For more information on ticketing and showtimes for the festival, visit the website at www.avrff.com

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