LOVING YOUR WORK: Bob Gordon’s finest

By - CTL
August 14, 2017

CTL is committed to showcasing TV ads that, (in our opinion), move, amuse or influence their audience. Here’s a Lebanese political campaign that is incredibly hard hitting. It was made by a close friend of mine, Bob Gordon, a fine American filmmaker.


Where would modern society be without advertising? Advertisers might think they are just selling products but it is so much more than that. If it weren’t for advertising the whole of society would be quite different. It reflects the way we live, who we are, and our values. Advertising is an essential part of our economy. Without it how would people know where to direct their insatiable appetite for consumption.

As John Berger observed in his book “Ways of Seeing”, all advertising conveys the same simple message: my life will be richer and more fulfilling once I make that next crucial purchase. Adverts persuade us with their images of others who have apparently been transformed and are, as a result, enviable. The purpose is to make me marginally dissatisfied with my life not with the life of society. I am supposed to imagine myself transformed after the purchase into an object of envy for others an envy which will then give me back my love of myself.

These hard-hitting commercials just prove the power of film.

We hope you enjoy the message and their craft in producing them.

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  1. This Article is dead on #Truth

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