Simply The Best: Our Top 5 Ads

By - CTL
August 16, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

“Ooh la la!” we can say this week, after being pleased with some of the ads coming to our attention from all over the world. We’ve got work from France, the US, New Zealand, India and Indonesia, so let’s get down and dirty with this week’s Top 5, as chosen by the crew at CTL.


Yoplait – The French Girl

Oh my…how times are a’changin eh? In this spot, which supports the Yoplait yoghurt brand campaign motto ‘Say Oui To Pleasure’, we are introduced to the ‘French girl’, and her three lovers. Jean-Luc, Jean-Jaque, and Jean-Pierre.

That’s right. Her THREE lovers. Because the French girl does not give a ‘merde’ what you think. The French girl is a badass, who indeed says ‘oui’ to pleasure, and lots of it. (This also includes eating her yoghurt from a glass jar, obviously).

You go girl!


Johnnie Walker – Railroad

Woah….wait a minute. First we have a sexually open French girl taking three lovers (and why the f*** not?), and now we have a real, live, female protagonist in a Johnnie Walker advert? I’m singing ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’ in my head, you know.

From Brazil, this is a beautifully made little piece, that puts the power of choice firmly in the individual’s hand. “The next step is inside of you,” it tells us.

…and the next step should be to sip on some hard liquor, obviously.


Bajaj Avenger – Ride Your Independence

Okay, so there’s a loose theme so far…female empowerment and freedom. It’s a good thing, a great thing.

None more so in India, where this ad has already garnered over 11 million views and counting. It coincides with Indian Independence day and encourages women to get into the saddle of their trusty steed and take to the open roads.



Air New Zealand – Cure Homesickness with Dr TK Samuels

This one’s far that old school battler, Barnaby Joyce. A plea for homesick Kiwis to just come home.

Off you go mate.


FiberCreme – Let’s Be Friends Again (Cheesecake)

Have you ever been through a hard break up, and just smashed a whole cheesecake/chocolate bar/box of biscuits/tub of Messina/etc in one, teary sitting?

No? *cough* Me neither.

This ad from Indonesia hits you in the empathy spot, before turning things around at the end like M.Night Shamalamanamanamanamamanamanananannnananana used to do in the old days.



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