Simply The Best: Our top 5 ads

By Jen Brewster.

We’ve all seen those pitches. The ones that sparkle, diamonds in a sea of mediocrity, lighting up the landscape with boundless potential for comedy, heart-warming story, adventure, or any other magical element that lets you know that this idea is just special.

But then…the meat-grinder kicks in, and after travelling through, the great idea becomes a finished ad that is just….meh. How? How? How does it happen? Answers on a e-postcard please.

Regardless, some great ideas do make it through relatively unscathed. Here’s our pic from the bunch this week.


GEICO – Boyz II Men – Side Effects

The soulful sounds of Boyz II Men make flatulence sound sexy. It’s not a commercial for a health care brand, as you might think. But for a US insurance company. But hey, if you want to know about why flatulence is funny, read our article on Humour in Health Care Advertising!


Vauxhall – Crossland X

I’m going to say ‘shit yeah!’ to this spot, for all the Mamma’s out there who have to juggle a million things at once and still produce the goods for every single member of the household clan. So what if we want to wear pyjamas on the school run? You want to judge me? Go f*** yourself. Now we’ve even got a kick-ass theme song, thanks to this spot from the UK.


KIA – The Turbo Soul

A frenetic chase through a busy hospital, set to the tune of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, with some awesome character animation to boot. Kia’s hamsters are back with a bang!


Boom Beach – It’s Lonely At The Top

Speaking of some stellar animation work, this well done spot combines our love of musicals with our love of gaming, and delivers a fun minute with an amusing pay off at the end.


Boodles Gin – The Declaration

A lot of brands are getting on the ‘WTF America?’ vibe, ads are social commentary of the time you know, not just things that try and sell you stuff. But anyway, not many do it with an element of fun like Boodles Gin has. With its tongue firmly in its cheek, this spot urges America to let go of its Independence and come back into the folk of Colonial rule. A terrible idea, obviously, but a nice way to poke a stick at the political climate without being overly serious and turning consumers off your product.

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