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By - CTL
July 25, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

Winter is here, dear friends. Ok, while that might be true for Westeros, here in Australia we’re basking in the glow of some beautiful winter weather. Meanwhile, over on the TV screens and internets, there’s been some great little ads being cooked up for our viewing pleasure. Here’s some that tickled us this week.


GoldieBlox – Be Like Her

In the wake of some whiney fan boys breaking the internet because their beloved Dr Who was recast a woman (give it up guys, it’s kids TV show), we feel inspired by this wonderful Ad from girl focused toy company, GoldieBlox. It’s a joyous celebration of the wonderful women out there in sport and popular culture who have provided young girls with the type of kick-ass role models we need more of in the world.


Honda – Dreammakers

The amount of Behind The Scenes clips for every blockbuster movie and TV show these days prove that it’s not always about the finished product, sometimes the audience likes to see how things came together. Honda pay respect to the craftsmen and women behind the camera in this glorious little spot, designed to celebrate their sponsorship of Film on 4 in the UK.

I seem to remember a similar spot for Toyota Vitz in Japan some months ago, but still, this has enough style and individuality in its execution that it’s made the list this week.


IKEA – Lion Man

The Lion, King of the Jungle, is just a lazy sod like the rest of us. Loves nothing more than chilling on the sofa, watching Netflix and scooping his paw into a bowl of Doritos. I like this ad because it made me feel good about my lazy weekends spent chilling on the sofa, watching Netflix and scooping my hand into a bowl of Doritos.

I am a lion. Hear my roar. I know it sounds like a snore, but it’s not.


Apple – The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day

It feels like every week Apple is utterly killing it with some kind of cinematic advert that blows everything out of the water. Who else is good at blowing everything out of the water? Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, that’s who. This takes the piss out of The Rock’s VERY busy schedule, while highlighting the organisational capabilities of Siri, the talking C.I.A tool embedded into every iPhone.


Stan – Hungry Eyes

Stranger Things captured all that was nostalgic and cool about the 1980s (were you even alive then, kids?). This new spot from Stan captures a few things that were excrutiatingly embarrassing and cringe-worthy about the 1980s, like white slip on shoes, shiny suits, and terrible, terrible haircuts. Like looking through an old photo album and laughing at your old pictures, with just a hint of shame.

Set to the soundtrack of Hungry Eyes, the message is that Stan has enough nourishment for those peepers, so get stuck in.


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