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July 31, 2017

In this new feature, we shine a light on work that we love from days gone by. The ones that touched us, moved us, or made their mark due to a spark of brilliance. A classic, in other words.

By Allan Crew, Creative Director.

I don’t watch much free to air television these days.

There are just too many ads and not enough quality programs.

For entertainment I have Nexflix & Stan. Radio & podcasts provide me with information and news.

So when I volunteered to write 400 words about a (fairly) recent advertising film I admired, the first thing I needed to do was find one.

And what better place to look than Abbott, Mead, Vickers, BBDO UK? Founded 38 years ago their philosophy was simple – “To become the best communications agency in the UK.”

While there are many other great agencies, that from time to time, may legitimately lay claim to be the best, very few that can match David Abbott’s legacy for consistently producing work clients love, the industry admires and audiences respond too.

Their website is littered with so many beautifully conceived, exceptionally well-written and produced commercials that it is difficult to decide on just one.

Over the years Guinness has been supported by many award winning ads, (Jonathon Glazer’s ‘Surfer’ and ‘The Dancing Eskimo’ come immediately to mind), it’s hard to imagine anything recent being equal or better. But that why we have creative departments.

“AMV BBDO and Irish international have created a new ad for Guinness. ‘John Hammond, Intolerant Champion’, celebrates those who have the confidence to carve their own path,” the AMV BBDO website explains.

Filmed entirely in black & white the ad transports viewers back to 1930’s New York, a time when racial disharmony prevailed. Hammond stood almost alone in championing the potential of black & white musicians working together.



It seems so simple. Black and white, Guinness. But that’s the genius.

The director was Jake Nava. The DOP was Dion Beebe. The music is a remix of ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ from the Swing Kids film score by James Horner. Voice over by Danny Glover.

In keeping with these digital times the ad ran on youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as TV and Cinemas.

As one comment on Youtube put it, “This isn’t an ad, it’s education.” Which to my way of thinking makes it a great ad.

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