Sydney Film Festival: Virtual Reality at the Hub

With Sydney Film Festival 2017 now open, audiences are in for some unique visual treats from around the world.

Perhaps the most immersive can be found at the Hub, where the team at Bad Faith VR have curated a selection of experiences where audiences can don a VR headset and transport themselves to another world.

Experience ‘room scale’ VR technology that allows you to manipulate objects and navigate around in virtual space. Open your mind and expand your imagination with Japanese robots, dance battles on the streets of Sydney, and an Antarctic dive – That’s just a taste of what you will experience.

SFF has secured the two biggest hits of this year’s Sundance VR program. See the hilarious first-ever feature-length comedy VR film Miyubi, which Forbes called “the future of movies”, created by Funny or Die and an Emmy-winning VR team. Or experience the first social virtual reality experience Life of Us, where you and a buddy watch each other evolve from primordial goop to dinosaurs, Neanderthals and beyond.

VR Experience 1: LIFE OF US
Life of Us is a shared VR journey that tells the complete story of the evolution of life on earth. Created by Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin, with music by Pharrell Williams. A Within Original, produced by Chris Milk, Megan Ellison through her Annapurna Pictures, and Made with Unity. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, all sessions for this wonderful piece have SOLD OUT! Fingers crossed that additional sessions will be added to cope with overwhelming demand!

VR Experience 2: MIYUBI
Experience the Australian Premiere of the first-ever feature length virtual reality movie – a 40-minute, three-dimensional scripted comedy film written with the famed Funny or Die crew, packed with kitschy ‘80s pop culture references (plus a secret cameo from Jeff Goldblum!)

You’re a puppet trapped in a stunningly offensive puppet show. Extravaganza asks, will technology change society for the better, or just magnify our worst traits in new ways?

Under eight feet of Antarctic ice lies the clearest water on Earth. Plunge through a small hole to dive with seals, explore ice caves and skim a black seabed full of life.
For the full list of experiences from SFF VR Hub, visit the website HERE.

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