Simply The Best: Our top 5 ads

I write this from the vantage point of my poolside chateau in Cannes…ha! Jokes…are you kidding me? I’m here in our beloved Australia, looking out over a rain-soaked parking lot, my imaginary champagne flute nothing but a cold cup of tea and bitterness.

So while the rest of the industry is over in the South of France, making deals, basking in glory, and hoovering up expenses from the back of toilet cistern, I offer you five magnificent ads from recent days that might be on the winners list next year.

NZ Human Rights – Give Nothing to Racism

Taika Waititi is one of our favourite humans, and not settling for directing one of the biggest super hero franchises of recent years (Hurry up with Thor: Ragnarok will ya old mate?!) he has thrown his comedic weight behind New Zealand’s drive towards stamping our racism. I know a few ‘casually racist’ people in Australia who could do with listening to this important message.

Head over the the website at

Volvo – Moments

As Gary Numan sang, “Here in my car…I feel safest of all…I can lock all my doors…It’s the only way to live…In cars.”

But what about those people outside of your car? Are they safe too?

Volvo has nailed it with this spot, which highlights the safety features of their new XC60.

Bufdir – The Lunchbox

Oh my…not going to lie, this is punch in the emotional gut, and if you are not moved in some way by this beautifully simple ad, you’re a cold empty husk who might as well be dead.

The youngster peeks into his lunchbox as the bell rings, his classmates all tucking into their delicious looking box of treats around him…but his is empty.

He wanders the halls, embarrassed, sad and alone, probably thinking of the fact that he has no parents to pack his lunch. But as he returns to class, he discovers something…and that something had me in floods of emotional tears. Watch it and marvel.

Billboard – Overdose

Holy moly…I would like to know how this pitch got through. “Okay, we’re going to show the aftermath of a rock and roll party, all lithe young things lying around a wrecked hotel room, the debris of the night before strewn across the floor, and then our hero finds one of his friends dead. Overdosed. Horrific scenes. It’s going to be brilliant. Honestly. Trust me.”

iPhone 7 – The Archive

What sad lives those poor Android users must live. Without the joys of Apple’s iPhone, sorting out their lives and making everything just bloody wonderful, things must be so sad it’s unbelievable.

Yeah, well…I doubt it. I hate Apple. All those updates and planned obsolescence do my head in. But i tell you what, they do make exceedingly watchable ads, and this is no exception.



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