Simply The Best: Our Top 5 Ads

Chosen by Jen Brewster.

Well, this week our selection of choices might delight and inspire you, hawking everything from televisions to vibrators. Yep, it’s been a weird few days in international ad land. Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the brightest and best from around this glorious world of ours.


Sony Bravia – Earth Rising

Sony Bravia, creating beautiful things for their beautiful screens. The spot depicts a father and son on a late-night quest, traveling across a rocky, remote landscape in an all-terrain vehicle. With all the colour of the universe unfolding, we slowly realise that they’re looking at screens – Sony Bravia OLED screens to be exact – that showcase how the moving images we invite into our living rooms are becoming more and more life-like as technology evolves.


Zain – Love, Not War

Brands all over are trying to jump on the ‘social good’ bandwagon, even PEPSI tried it with their ‘woke’ hilarity car crash with Kendall Jenner. But sometimes, a brand hits a nerve in society, as is evident with this spot from the Middle East by telecommunications company, Zain. It’s gone viral, with over 3 million views so far. While you might watch and question some of the imagery, the message of ‘Let’s bomb violence with mercy, let’s bomb hatred with love’ is an important one for today’s turbulent times.


Aspen Dental – Elevator

I hate my dentist. While his nimble fingers offer up a tender touch to my teeth, his other hand is reaching into my pocket and rifling through whatever meager bundle of notes might be in there, the money-grabbing bastard.

Still, this spot is pretty funny. Dentists aren’t all bastards, it says. They can even be heroes!


IKEA – The Blue Bag

Okay, IKEA stores might be a torture zoo where good couples go to die in a flurry of arguments, but their marketing team are on point. Think back to their awesome iPad piss take ad surrounding their new catalogue. Then look at their response to the hilarious Balenciaga blue bag, which would cost the consumer a ridiculous $2000 to look like you’ve just bought a few plant pots and dinner set from a certain Swedish megastore. Now, this lovely spot celebrates that iconic blue bag, in a fun, memorable way.


Emojibator – Empowerment Feels Good + Men Don’t Know

These magical spots are for a new range of emoji-based vibrators. Apparently, research showed women have 30 percent fewer orgasms than men and that men talk openly about masturbation while women report it’s not exactly the lead topic of their cocktail conversations.

Doesn’t exactly sound fair, now does it ladies? Thankfully, the emojibater is here to help bridge that orgasm gap!

Best viewed alongside its companion piece ‘Men Don’t Know Dick’.

Now, did you ever think you’d be reading that sentence today?


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